Friday, 18 October 2013

Just because my lads are grown up doesn't mean I can't go to the zoo

This morning the sun was shining, my washing was all flapping in the breeze and I decided to go to our local Zoo.  When I was a young thing this place was known as the Hilldale Game Farm.  I haven't been to the Hamilton Zoo for quite a few years so I was a little excited and happy to be doing this by myself.  Some stray chickens had arrived at the front door this morning, very tempting to grab a couple to take home.

There is a Free Flight area where you push through heavy doors and you enter an amazing cage of native birds and native bush.  It is so peaceful in there with the sound of water and bird calls.  I have not seen a King Fisher for ages and forgot how pretty they are (top right).

I cannot remember what sort of Cat this is but it was very slinky malinky like.  I laughed how it decided the Banana box was the perfect place to sit.  Just like a normal old moggy.  As for the cute little Meercats, I could have watched them for hours.  How chilled out is this little dude sitting on its buddy.

 No wonder people like Peacock feathers, what a glorious show this proud boy put on!

Plenty of play areas and rest spots everywhere, but I had no time to play or rest, I was on a mission!

Being in the morning when I was there it was BREAKFAST TIME so most of the animals were blissfully feeding.  The Giraffes are just stunning and you can get quite close to them.  There are viewing platforms and seats everywhere so you can take in the magic of all the animals.

 I must admit that these guys had me in hysterics with there antics.

Hamilton Zoo is still like a game park because you go on a 4km walk up hill and down dale, following tracks, walking on boardwalks, and generally enjoying the native bush, so relaxing and so Hamilton!!

I felt like I had been on a mini trip to Africa with the Zebras, Antelope and Ostrich, but aren't Ostrich from Australia?  That's how we roll in the Tron, slap them altogether and let them just get on with it, we don't care where you come from, you are all welcome, just behave yourselves!

I have fallen in love with the Kune Kune Pigs!!  Wonder if TOF would let me have one down back with the girls??

The Sumatran Tiger was just amazing!!  Having a good old chomp on a bank robbers leg I think?  There is a big glassed room where you can sit and watch the tigers.  Absolutely beautiful big cats, I bet they purr really loud.

The Chimps reminded me of a bunch of old guys just chillin' in the sun snacking, I could imagine them puffing on a ciggy.  The one on the ropes was just hamming it up for all the people watching, he mooned us all as you can see!!

The White Rhino's are massive powerhouse looking beasts.  FYI they do huge round poo.

I seriously had the best ever morning at the Zoo, spent two and a half hours wandering around and being amazed at Mother Nature yet again.  Just because we grow up we should still go do the things we used to enjoy, not sure what I will do next.  Lollipops playground has closed, dam it all!!!

Have a great weekend an go do something you thought you were too old to do!!


Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Great pics :D Ostrich are from Africa, emu and cassowary are from Aussie :D

Vix said...

What great snaps! The zoo looks really well set out with generous enclosures, unlike some places which make me sad. xxx

Vix said...
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Sandra said...

I love giraffes! it looks like a great zoo, I too love it when the animals have loads of natural space and rhino's scare me, although it's probably healthy!, they are huge noble creatures x x

Helga! said...

Gawd, I haven't been to a zoo in YEARS!!! I really must truck along to our local-I have never been there! I love otters and reptiles and cats best! What a gloriarse day! Good on you love, I know that thrill of getting oneself out all on yer ownsome and feeling bloody proud of it!AND having a lovely time to boot!

Serenata said...

The zoos have really come on in the last many years in NZ haven't they? So much more awareness of the space, environment and habitat needed for the animals and as a result so much nicer places to visit. So glad yo had a lovely time. It is ages since I went to a zoo.