Saturday, 19 October 2013

The sun came out so I.......

...went to a very cool Retro thingy being held in HamilTRON today.

In Hamilton we have a place called the Dukebox Diner and Classic Car Museum, I myself have not been to it until today.  But I shall confess that I was only outside and did not venture indoors to either the Diner or the Car Museum.  Because outside there was a bit of a do and I like a bit of a do!!

In the car park there was a great big Gazebo style tent that you gave a coin donation to go into.  Stunning women everywhere!!

 Lots of lovely friendly people with little stalls of fabulousness for sale!!

And the cutest ever little girl dressed up like all the big girls, minus the tattoos.

I managed to have a wee spend on a gorgeous pendant and two Russian Doll brooches from this delightful RED headed lady.

Outside there were more beautifully dressed women and lovely shiny old cars.

Rock n Roll music was being played by a trio of blokes to entertain those checking out the cars and the gorgeous women.

There was a pop up parlour to get a coiffured do and make over and then get snapped in a pop up photo studio, and no I didn't, I think you would need to have been suitably dressed and I wasn't all frocked up so I apologise to those going "OH NO"!! Maybe next year.  According to our local paper who did an article on this event on Thursday, it was called Atomic Festival and a dream scenario for Retrophiles and Petrolheads!!  Tonight there was going to be a Miss Classic 2013 competition, a vintage themed pageant  for women of all shapes and sizes over the age of 18. This is why it pays to read your local paper, then you know about such fabulous events.

When I got home I realised that in our China cabinet there were two Pink Classic Cars (TOFs little collection) similar to one I photographed.  There is an entire shelf dedicated to these beauties.  We call them TOFs toys!!

Because it was so lovely and sunny the girls decided that having a dust bath in one of my gardens was required.  I have taken to planting in pots and then putting them into my garden beds so when the girls do get there scratching thing happening they don't scratch out my plants.

I lay on the grass amongst all the daisies in the sunshine and made myself a daisy chain, that I shared with Sheba.  I have to mow the lawns tomorrow so it will be curtains for the daisies!!

And this is very good advise!!


Serenata said...

Indeed to the last photo!

What a lot of fun, that is what I love about NZ, you can just 'happen' to come across these wonderful events and music stages. I remember seeing several on numerous occasions I have been back, totally unexpected, but so much fun, music and colour. Of course they are advertised...if one reads the local papers! Sure get them over here as well...but they seem to be more 'planned' and heavily reliant on our very temperamental weather! Something about the sun shining.

So glad you got to enjoy the daisies first, they are so lovely and such fun making daisy chains, everyone should have a go at making them!

Sandra said...

what a great vintage/retro fair, I would love to go there! it's great when there is music too, we had one the other week that wanted to charge £10 per person! no chance!your pendant is fab and daisy chains are the best, I love Sheba's posing and your end of post advice ps how happy is that dog?!! x x

Helga! said...

How very bloody splendid!!! I long to go to this event, the gorgeous Melanie of "Sweet Painted Lady" organises it. What a great day out, so MUCH to look at! XXX

Vix said...

Welcome to what I call work! It looks just like how I spend every weekend, no wonder I'm always smiling! xxx