Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Such a city girl

Today I didn't have work as I have swapped my days about just for this week.  But when I do go to work on a Tuesday I usually drive past the  Frankton Sale Yard.  Hamilton is like the Capital of the Waikato which is a huge farming community in away and it just so happens the Frankton Sale yard is in my town.  What is it you ask??  Where they sell cows and sheep and pigs and it is full of stock agents and farmers, and today ME!!

With no intentions on bidding on any stock for my city farm, armed with my camera and a sunny disposition I wandered about like I was meant to be there.  Well I am a farmer of sorts, I have a herd of chickens!!  How fabulous were these rams with the big arse horns, very impressive and I liked the colour of their wool.  Apparently that is not what I should be looking for.

I bumped into a mate of TOFs, Frank, who was there to buy some sheep, probably one that will end up in our freezer at Christmas time.  He was giving me the ins and outs of what happens at the sale yard and told me to go have a look.  So I did.  I watched an auction for a pig that went for $160.  There was this bloody huge big old female pig, the biggest I have ever seen that was also up for sale.  A real fatty, and according to my expert known as a Chopper.  I told him big old girls were normally know as slappers!!

There is a part where you can go up some stairs and walk above the cows for sale.  They were so big!!  Too big for the back of my station wagon or my back yard.  There was a real scrawny looking one that Frank told me it would probably end up at McDonalds in Burgers.  It had a big blue M on its back which I suggest would seal the deal.  He went off to bid on some sheep and I headed off to go home.  With my lungs full of the smell of the country, and my inquisitiveness been fulfilled, I said good bye to the sheep and this beautiful ram and went home.

Back home to enjoy the sunshine and my domestic animals in the back garden.  I quite enjoyed going to the sale yard this morning and think it would be fun to go check out random things happening in my town.  Pretty sure the A and P show starts on this Friday for three days,  and I have not been to one of them since the lads were little.  For those unfamiliar with such a show that I may well have called the wrong thing but they are dedicated to all things agricultural and farming like with stalls and side shows thrown in for good measure.  Don't worry I will take my trusty camera.

My dogs joined my on the garden swing.  Sheba of course had to have one of her balls and just would not sit still, which was annoying the you know what out of Oscar.  Such a beautiful day for cruising with the dogs out the back doing nothing.  Of course now I need to go and pretend that I am a domesticated housewife and slap something together for our dinner.  Thinking Ginger and Honey Chicken Casserole on a bed of rice, I seem to be able to make it successfully so it only seems right.

Today's little gem!


Sandra said...

Rams are so fierce and noble, I have a healthy fear of them, I would have been taken with the colour of their wool too! I love the Chopper!great name for a voluptuous pig!
Your garden looks fab and so relaxing, even with Sheba frolicking around and annoying Oscar! Cookie annoys Whiskers so much, poor thing!
Today's quote is spot on!! x x

Helga! said...

I love those dark chocolately sheep!
Nice to something completely different, and indeed, you are a farmer with your herd of chooks!