Thursday, 31 October 2013

Sometimes you get more than you think.

Yesterday I had to take a little drive out of town to Karamu, to  go and collect some vintage fabric I had won on auction from trade me.  I thought I was just getting one clean sack full of fabric for $6 but when I got there it turns out I had won a considerable lot more.

I think it would be fare to say I got more bang for my bucks!!

When I got home I tipped it all out on the kitchen floor to see what I had bought.  There is such a variety and I know a few people that will be getting given some of this as there is far too much for me.  One bag even had the pile of clothes roughly shown in the bottom right photo, nothing a wash to freshen up cannot handle and then they can be passed on too.  There are patchwork projects and doilies, and plenty of fabric that I will be happy to use.  On what I am not sure, but for $6, who cares!!  But there is SPOTS!!!

Today I went to collect  two pig money boxes that I bought for $1 off trade me, that will be living with the others I already have. I have enough Pig money boxes in my little collection now, and the lady said these were from the '50s.  Make sense as I got my one in the '60s when I was a wee girl.  The vinyl foldable seat cushion I found at Habitat today for $4 and will be perfect on my bench seat outside. Oscar sniffed every single inch of it and it has been okayed with him.  I haven't much spare cash for op shopping this week with all that bark we bought over the weekend, but that is all good by me because I am super happy with the garden.

I discovered these pine cones hiding in my garden out the front of our house, I would have put them there ages ago.  I quite like the weathered look they have going on, the colour is beautiful.  Our weather has been decidedly warmer today, so much that I dug out some summery shoes.  Time to pack away the boots and coats I think, just another job to go on my "To Do" list.  But between my garden and my camera not alot gets done on that list!!!  Luckily there is always another day tomorrow.

I see a wish, what do you see??


OP SHOP MAMA said...

Wahoo!! Score!! (and now just about to work out where Karamu is!) Love the bench mat. So good.

Plants at that sale - Irises of all sort, veges, fuschias, lavendars.. they have all sorts, and heaps.. that sale is quite legendary for the plants (and everything else!!!) You have GOT to get your jumble on!

Vix said...

How exciting! I love finding old fabric, I can spend hours unfolding it and admiring it and get so much pleasure from passing on what I don't need to! x

Sandra said...

I see a wish!!
what an amazing amount of fabric! I'm all grabby at the thought of having fabric!! packing away seasonal clothes is a job for the brave! I make a terrible fuss about it all! x x

Helga! said...

Bloody HELL- that's a motherload!!!
SCORE! What WILL you do with it all!!! You'll be creating 'til your eyes fall out! Love the spots-who wouldn't!!!
The pigs are pretty cute!
I always see a wish, darling!