Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Arty Farty and time for a change

On Sunday TOF agreed to come with me to view an exhibition that is on at our Waikato Museum.  After all only the day before I had played at being "the good wife" going to man shops!!  I get emails from the Museum letting me know what is on and when, otherwise I would be none the wiser as I usually miss the advertisements in the locals papers.  I need colourful pictures to entice my interest!!

Unfortunately takings photos in the Museum is a big no no, so I have borrowed some from the artists website of a few of the things that I saw.  The tank on the left is actually an aquarium and full of gold fish, so amazing, and on loan from a private collection.  The small Giraffe was there but believe me it wasn't small.  My favourite was the Morris Minor that has been completely corrugated!!  I did ask how the hell they got it inside the building, and there is a lift that was obviously is big enough, but only just.  Such a cool car close up.  There was a flock of chickens in all sorts of colours,  fabulous letter boxes, laser cut things to hang on your wall, and some very very amazing sculptures, like a huge poodle sitting.  I think I could go for a second look.

When I was getting dressed this morning for work it look suspiciously like summer, as in the sun was SHINING!!  By the time I got home after lunch it was greying over so I whizzed outside in the slightest drizzle to show off my outfit, minus my shoes, and the long red coat that I had worn.

Before coming home tho I did make a stop off at the Hospice shop in town, as all clothes are only $2.50 and you just never know what you will find.  And today I found this gorgeous Desigual skirt, and yes, only $2.50!!!  At the supermarket while getting essentials I decided I would dye my hair, so by tomorrow blonde will be gone and for the very first time in my entire life I will be dark.  I am quite excited and either way if it looks good or I look like a complete arse I will share.   Oh and the Hugh Fernleaf-grow-it-all book was in my letter box, I bought it off trade me for $10, and tonight I will have my nose buried in it.  I always watch any program with good old Hugh boy in, so now I have a book.

Just in case my hair is an epic fail, remember this:


Angels have Red Hair said...

Ooh … good luck with the hair … I'm such a chicken when it comes to doing anything different with my hair. Takes me weeks to think it through … and I pretty always change my mind at the last moment.
Looking forward to seeing yours.

Vix said...

You look fab in your rose print dress! I'm sure the hair will be a roaring success, ditching the blonde changed my life! x

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Nice dress! Yeh we love the museum.. Such an inspiring place!!

Sandra said...

you look gorgeous in that frock! and I especially love your poses! you are fabulous!the skirt is just awesome, I can't wait to see it on you! your Hugh Fernleaf-grow-it-all made me laugh! good luck with the hair colour, it will be transforming! I have been partially blonde once, the opposite of my natural colour and it was fab! x x

Helga! said...

OMG, SCORE on the Hugh book!!! I'm so jealous, he's hard to find cheap! I love him.
I also love that fish tank, it's bloody awesome! AND your frock, such a pretty print!
We've just had two lovely days, but rain today.C'est la Spring!

daiseedeb said...

All I have to say is you are just a royal
Cutie Pie!!!
; )