Sunday, 3 November 2013

And now for a relaxing weekend

The weather forecast for the weekend was not pretty.  TOF had a fishing trip cancelled as bad weather was expected, so yesterday when it wasn't that bad he wasn't that happy!!  So I accompanied him on a trip to a couple of bloke shops (fishing sort of places) because I was being the good wife.  Of course sinker molds and fishing lures really float my boat!! But I now know what to get the man for his birthday.  That done it was back home to "relax", well it was Saturday after all.

 There was so much activity in the trees with loads of fat sparrows and other birds flitting about and feasting on berries and the chicken pellets.

 In a couple of the trees there are nests with mother birds busily sitting on eggs.

 My Nasturtiums are so bright and colourful and in the wheelbarrow I planted there was this row of four standing to attention.

 Even a lone dandy lion on the lawn looked in place.

Leaves, we forget to acknowledge how lovely they are, such variety, fabulous textures and shapes.

Oscar took time out to sniff the daisies on the lawn and walk the edge of TOFs new garden, totally ignoring the instruction to "Get Off"!

Lots of lovely Green, the plant on the left I always thought was a weed and kept removing it!!

 Another natural beauty is Bark!

 Succulents and Cascading Lobelia, two plants I do like.

 My beautiful Sheba ever present when I am outside with one of her many balls.

As for Tex, he has totally mastered the art of "Relaxing" and the "Do not disturb" look.  We could learn alot from cats on this subject.

Now Sunday has arrived and so far so good, the sun is shining and there is a gentle breeze.  So I shall be spending some quality time in the laundry catching up on some washing.  I expect today to be as lovely and relaxing as yesterday.  

Bring it on I say!!

Oh and we should all remember to do this:


Vix said...

It might be crap here but your signs of Spring make our long winter almost bearable, keep 'em coming! gorgeous critters! x

Vix said...

It might be crap here but your signs of Spring make our long winter almost bearable, keep 'em coming! gorgeous critters! x

Helga! said...

Sometimes one has to play the role of good wifey!!! By playing that role when G is banging on about motorbikes, I've actually learn t enough to sound like I know what I'm on about in boy conversations!!!
Our weather was a bit up and down over the weekend, but Spring is certainly pumping along nicely! We've been enjoying watching some paradise ducklings in the park on the way to work.
Tex is SO frigging gorgeous....I reckon my Peepers would fancy him.
G is a big fan of cacti and succulents. We've got quite a bit of re potting to do, actually!

Sandra said...

sweet baby giggles!! I love it when they burst out laughing!great pic and quote,
you know genuine 'man fishing bits and stuff'! you are a considerate wife! I haven't mastered the 'Yes, I am really interested' face - I suck,
fab pics, gorgeous pets and I have a soft spot for Tex, possibly the greatest expression ever! x x