Friday, 15 November 2013

Friday, Farm life, Friends, and Fabulous shoes.

Fabulous hot pink shoes that arrived in the post first thing in the morning were just the sort of thing to set my day off to a perfect start!! Yes another purchase from trade me, and No I do not have more shoes than Amelda Marcos!!  When you purchase second hand you can have as many pairs of shoes as your little old heart desires and I desired these.  I have a pair in black coming in the post too because I desired them also.

Such a beautiful morning so I headed  out to visit my lovely friend Dawn, the potter.

Colourful paper clay chairs are her latest project.
They are selling their home and moving going to be building next year so this lovely digs will be on the market early next year.
The free range Alpacas and Goat were chilling out in the long grass oblivious to a farmer busily going about his business in the paddocks behind them.

A bumble bee was buzzing about in the Poppies.

Cows were moving to a new paddock via the road.

The cows obligingly stopped for their close ups, funny girls all stopping to check me out checking them out.

Dawns Patch hangs over the gate to one of her gardens.

Colourful pottery seconds, giant troll and pastel coloured plants.

Poppies so big, so red, so dam gorgeous.
The retired bike and Caravan resting in the forest.

A dinghy in the bush??

Fabulous wrought iron work.
New life and very hungry too!!  They are all beak and noise at this age.

Their clever parents built the cosy nest in the chimney of the Chiminea.

Even the weeds look grand on this beautiful day.
On my way home I stopped at one of the original fountains that Hamilton still has.  There used to be more in the city centre but councils over the years have destroyed what is called Garden Place and the fountains have gone.  Generations of kids put condese crystals in the fountain to turn the water blue and frothy it was like a right of passage back in the day.  This was the place to meet your friends on a Friday night while waiting for your bus to go home after late night in town.  Thankfully this fountain still lives on so all is not lost.

I always have a lovely time out in the country with my friend, we chew the fat (chat) and laugh, just what I needed today.  

This sums Dawn and I up perfectly!!


Vix said...

Those sandals are ace and I adore Dawn's colourful creations. xxx

Angels have Red Hair said...

That garden looks so intriguing ... I'd love to have a wander.

Sandra said...

them shoes are awesome! pink awesomeness! it is a great start to the day! your friend is so talented, the clay chairs are amazing, and her home is just beautiful, I love gardens like that, caravans and boats! perfect, you could spend your life outside chilling there! the fountain is great, I'm glad it's there, we've had way too many too that have disappeared, quite sad -
I love the pic! ladies like that rock my world! have a great weekend! x x x

Helga! said...

Darl, that's EXACTLY what I say about shoes!!! LOVE these pinkies!!! They look super comfy, too. I am wearing comfy shoes right now, shock HORROR!!!
Dawn is pretty bloody clever, and OMG, where she LIVES!!! Looks like heaven to me!

Anonymous said...

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