Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Enjoying the weather and the great outdoors

So Jak is off work remember with his wee arm in a cast and I haven't mentioned this but Max is unemployed again.  Another long story and part fault of his own and part bad luck.  But anyway, with both lads at a loose end we headed off to Raglan this morning and took the dogs.

The dogs were incredibly funny to watch bolting in and out of the ocean, and we had the entire beach to ourselves.

 Perfect weather and low tide giving us more beach.

Finally got around to getting a pet guard so the dogs can ride in the very back of the car when wet and coated with black sand.  Both not overly impressed with this new experience but gave into their whinging and slept.

 Manu Bay with about 2ft of surf, enough for a paddle boarded and a lone surfer.  A popular spot to surf and launch a boat, or just sit and watch what is going on.

Jak packed his skateboard (he is hating not being able to be active so I caved in and said yes but don't can off) and had a play at the Raglan skate park which is sited by the camping ground and the entrance to the harbour.  I thought the Pohutukawa flower looked grand but when it blooms to it fullness and redness it will be spectacular!!

On our way home we took a left and decided to go have a look at the Bridal Veil Falls.  Last time we did this the lads were small boys.

A gentle walk through native bush and you arrive at a lookout at the very top of the falls.  Then come the STAIRS!!!

100 something stairs later you are greeted with a sign and this fabulous view.  Trust me half way down was so much easier than half way up!!

But once you make it to the bottom the view looking back up is so powerful.   After a pleasant rest to take in the beauty around us it was time for the hard slog back up 270 stairs. Darling Jak kept stopping to wait for me, my poor heart nearly beat it's way out of my chest, and talk about work up a thirst.  Note to self, take water when embarking on such a walk next time, that is if there ever is a next time.  Once at the top and  on the flat it was back to lovely bush walking with the sounds of native birds and the trickling water of the stream that feeds the Bridal Veil Falls.  Felt super guilty because we had to leave the dogs in the car as you cannot take them on the walk, they sure were happy to see us again.

We stopped off at the Te Uku store for a Pineapple Fru Ju (an iceblock that is divine) and parked outside this cafe.  I love that the old post office has been revived and renamed, if we didn't have the dogs I think lunch would have been the plan.  It was  a nice morning and such good fun.  I feel happy that my lads still want to do things like this with their mother, so I thank them!!


Vix said...

You've got some incredible scenery and great beaches and you're doing wonders for the NZ tourist board.

Sandra said...

aw, poor Max, that's a bit crap, I hope he finds something soon - but you get to spend extra time with them, I understand how fab it is, at the moment I see very little of the Eldest *sad face* - how cool is the 'Bridal Veil Falls'? I LOVE waterfalls, hefty amount of steps! my legs get all wobbly with loads of them!! a well deserved Pineapple fru ju for you, yummmm - love the quote x x x love the beach pics! x x x

Angels have Red Hair said...

Looks like a fabulous day out ... with some spectacular sights. Adding New Zealand to my wish list of holiday destinations.

Helga! said...

Gawd, it's all rather gorgeous!
Bummer for Ma, but the plus is that you have both your boys in your grasp!!! Gotta make the most of that while it lasts!
Dogs crack me up at the beach, they gallop about, barking joyously as if to say "I'm a dog, I'm a DOG!" !!!