Friday, 29 November 2013

Hey hey it's Friday!!

And it is almost the end of yet another month! Seriously this year seems to have sped up lately.  Yesterday I remembered that the car needed to be re registered, thinking I had it all under control, I discovered that it was actually overdue.  But not only that, the warrant had expired 4 days ago.  When did I become so lapse about things like this??  A quick phone call to my lovely mechanic who I blamed him for not reminding me of such things and the car was all booked for her warrant this morning, he is good to me!!

Tex thinks such things are unimportant, the important things to remember are to feed him, this I do remember!

I remember to get dressed!

So with the car at the garage, my plans were on hold for the morning.  While feeding the girls I noticed a few things going on in the garden and I was trying to remember if I had planted them or if they just magically appear when I am preoccupied with trying to remember the so called important things.

 Purple things, and pink and red carnations, I planted them.

 Pink things.  The Calla Lily I don't remember planting.

I was pretty happy to see my Gherkin is producing and my tomatoes have fruited up before TOFs ha ha, looks like I will win the tomato comp again.  How fabulous is the Passion Fruit flower?

A whole lot of white things.  The plant top right I always thought was a weed, apparently not.

Somewhat over mooching outside I decided to take Jaks car and bugger off out, after all he was asleep with a mid week hangover to deal to.  So back to my original plan of going to my friend Dawns place was back on.

 I found the Artist busy sculpting another one of her beautiful bird baths.
The huge jug is amazing and Taz the cat just can't help but get amongst all the finished work.

 Remember the baby birds, well what a difference two weeks makes.

A colourful bird bath, little Paige in front of a Totem, a house on a hill, and the fabulous bird at the end is a second that I bought off her and will use as a candle holder.

Mother, daughter and grand daughter.

One of the huge bird totems she has ready to be sold.

The other bird totem.

Back home to collect the car with a current warrant of fitness. Then off out to get the registration sorted and buy some socks for TOF as obviously the sock monster has been loose in our house again and he cannot find any socks.  What is it about men and socks??  With a street legal car, and all jobs ticked off my wee list I returned home to a grumpy arsed teen.  Of course I poured all the booze down his throat last night and made him stay out until 5am, I am such a biatch like that.  

But the good news is, it is Friday and this means the weekend is so close you can smell it if you try hard enough.  Hope you all have a fun filled weekend when it arrives in your part of the world.


Vix said...

Fab outfit, gorgeous pets and wonderful pictures of Dawn and her family. I love her creations and am in awe of your gardening skills.
Have a fab weekend! xxx

Poppy Q said...

Oh I am so looking forward to this weekend as well. The bird baths are amazing!!! How awesome would it be to have in the garden.

Julie and Poppy Q

Sandra said...

Ha! you too with the sock monster! honestly I have had a clueless week over the loss of ours!! flaming sock monster!
your friend is so talented, how fabulous to make so many wonderful items and the pic of the 3 of them is just beautiful!
your garden is looking lush, and a gorgeous Calla lily, oh I do like them!
I'm loving your outfit too, and the cheeky petticoat! and your shoes! I know I say it a lot, but they are awesome!! have a great weekend, the tortoise made me laugh!! it's something I'd say!! (except I'm not a tortoise haha!!) x x x

Angels have Red Hair said...

Look at those fabulous bird baths ... what a clever lady.
Your garden is looking spectacular ... mine is totally overgrown with weeds at the moment.
Don't "forget" to have a good weekend.

Wendy Rayner said...