Sunday, 1 December 2013

A day of rest, you may know it by it's other name: Sunday!!

I love Sunday!!  It always starts with a bacon and egg breakfast cooked by TOF.  He is an outstanding cook so it only seems right that he takes over the kitchen on a regular basis.  This morning I even got up at 6am?  Silly me, I thought I would watch a replay of the Rugby League World Cup final between New Zealand and Australia.  BIG MISTAKE!!  We lost and I fell asleep.  After breakfast somehow the day just vanished and now it is 4pm and I have achieved........not a lot to tell the truth.  There is washing flapping about outside on the line!! And I stalked a Monarch Butterfly.

So gorgeous, and very difficult to catch as it kept flitting about amongst the plants.

David Attenborough would be proud of my determination and dedication to get a photo!!  And why would I stop at ONE!!

Of course there were a couple of big fat bumble bees doing their thing, and more than one butterfly to try and focus on.

 Then Sexy Texy found me out the front and opted to get involved in the photo shoot.

He has Flower Power!!

Someone needs a haircut!!
But I feel he is in denial of that fact.

Sheba loves Tex so much that she always licks his face.

I have been picking loads of Raspberries and thinking some Jam making will be in order later this week.  With the bit of rain we have had and the warm weather everything is thriving in the garden.  Tis a grand time of the year for sure.  What have you been doing today??  Do share if you can and it's not too X rated, I am an innocent wee thing you know!!



Angels have Red Hair said...

Love the butterfly photos … they're just gorgeous.
As is the little centrefold spread featuring Sexy Texy.
We put up the Christmas decorations today … a first of December tradition around these parts … whether we feel like it or not.

Sandra said...

Sounds like a perfect Sunday to me! your butterfly pics are amazing, how do you do it? I would have terrified the poor thing, and I love Tex's flower shoot, he's a natural! oh, and Sheba licking Tex's face is the most gorgeous sight! my Sunday is just starting! gah! off to work soon, I resolve to not work very hard at all!! x x x x

Helga! said...

O, how GLORIARSE! I love a Sunday like this.....your pix are amazing, can't believe how perfect the butterfly pix are!! Tex is SUCH a sexy BEAST!!!! I'm going to steal him one of these days........XXXXXXX