Thursday, 7 November 2013

No matter what I will always be a mum

No matter what age my lads are I guess they will always need me and sometimes that is nice, and sometimes it is a pain in the @%*#!!!  But mostly I like it.  When Jak my youngest was little and broke something he would yell out "accident" because I always said it was better to tell the truth and get in a small bit of trouble than lie and get found out later and be in BIG trouble with the mumma.  Because the mumma knows everything, sees everything, and hears everything, well that is what they believed when they were small and under my complete power!!

He has been bitching for a couple of weeks about having a sore wrist (result of smashing off his skateboard) and finally decided I should book him an appointment with our doctor.  Off he went yesterday at 4:30pm and finally returned at 7.00pm with a soft cast on his left hand/arm, his writing hand, his hammer hand, his everything hand.  He has what they think is a fractured bone so for two weeks he will be sporting this season latest accessory in white!!

He loves his mum because I drove him to his work this morning with his ACC form to let his boss in on his predicament.  He shouldn't drive you see, not that that will stop him.  Then he took me out for coffee at Graces a lovely little cafe not far from home.  We have done the grocery shopping as he is still capable of pushing a trolley and that job needed to be dealt to.  Hope it is a fracture and not a break or that means a hard cast and another 4-6 weeks off work, and he will get so frustrated as he likes to be doing things, like skating and surfing and generally being outside.  We told TOF he will have to wipe his bum when he goes twosies, TOF not signing up tho".

Lucky we are a family with a sense of humour!


Angels have Red Hair said...

Oh dear … that's no good. My boys have never broken a bone … yet … touch wood. At least your son has done it early enough in the season to not be TOO uncomfortable … I can't think of anything worse than having to wear a plaster in the middle of summer.

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Feck he Webbered himself! :D

Vix said...

Oh dear, hope it's not a break and that the cast comes off soon. Don't you have coloured casts in NZ? White seems ever such a silly colour for a bloke! x

Sandra said...

hope it isn't a break, it is a spectacular cast though! how lovely he took you for a coffee? is this what I can look forward too *fingers crossed* love your outfit! x x x

Helga! said...

O, bugger! He's a fine looking lad, incidentally! That cast will be covered in bullshit in no time!