Friday, 8 November 2013

REMEMBER: as far as everyone knows we are a nice normal family

Both my lads were at home this afternoon and my simple request to have a photo taken with them both was met with major amounts of protests and a lot of hamming it up. Thank goodness for a tripod and a wireless timer.

Even Tex decided to join the lads in a pose with mum session on the deck, it took a few shots to get a reasonable normal one in the end!  Oh and I had my Neon Green shoes on.

The best thing is that we can all have a pretty good time together mainly just taking the proverbial out of each other and having a bit of fun.  So that is the lads, Jak 18+ and Max nearly 21.

Happy weekend everybody!!


Sandra said...

your boys are so handsome! I love these pics, they are always the best ones, got to have fun when getting pics done! I love Tex's photo-bomb!!!you're looking gorgeous too, fab dress, shoes and necklace!
xx have a wonderful weekend!! xx

his_girl_friday said...

Nice looking family!

Helga! said...

The little toads! They are gorgeous lads, and I bet you love having them tower over now!! Tex is always welcome, the hottie. I don;t know who I fancy more, Tex or the boys?! Or maybe it's those neon shoes............XXXXXXXXXXXX