Sunday, 17 November 2013

Sunday certainly lived up to it's name..... was SUNNY!!

A perfect day to catch up on washing, the second half of the rugby that I tried to watch at 3am this morning but failed (thanks mysky for taping it for me and well done All Blacks for chalking up another win), relaxing outside on the garden swing and generally just cruising with TOF, oh and assisting him in fixing our dishwasher.  I really don't mind hand washing the dishes but it would appear that the males in this house think that is a really stink idea!!

As I was swinging gently on the garden swing seat a friendly local in the form of a sparrow decided to perch above me in the tree, flitting about chatting to me.  Personally I think it was lining me up to poop on me, nah ha, I moved!!

When Dad passed away I made an awful lot of hanging things with beads and shells with copper curls and other things on them.  Somehow stringing these up was therapeutic at the time.  They have spent the last 7 years draped about inside our house but today I moved them into the garden.

Oscar was mooching out the back in the sunshine with me looking gorgeous in his floral bandana, rolling on the grass trying hard to make his fluffy white coat dirty and smelly.

 My Blue Hydrangea is smothered in flowers ready to change colour, and the Alysum just keeps on flowering.  The clouds were wispy and wonderful.  Must check TOFs cloud poster for the type they were.

 Sheba the ever hopeful candidate to play ball, if only she would drop it so you could!!

Everytime I look at all the Lavender growing I think how I should dry it.  Somehow I only ever get around to thinking about it and not doing it.  My Blue Potato Vine is doing well but it really is more purple than blue don't you agree.

Geraniums are great plants to have as they grow from cuttings, never ever buy them, just go for a walk and break bits off plants that are hanging conveniently in your way.  I have some cuttings of other colours that I will be potting up later this evening when it is cooler.  I got them off a friend because I am not a thief!

Now according to TOFs cloud poster the clouds today were either or both Cirrus or Cirrostratus.  How smart to I sound??  
(100% bluff and bullshit really)

If you were wondering what old Texy boy was up to, well not alot, but he did wake up in time for his dinner and that wee walk is a hard one.

Hopefully you all had a relaxing weekend and are now rested and ready to face yet another week of doing whatever it is that you do during the week.

Due to my cloud information this seems only right:



Angels have Red Hair said...

Looks like you had a beautiful sunny Sunday ... we have had pouring rain all day ... hasn't let up for even a minute.
Why do dogs love making themselves smelly??? It's beyond me!

Helga! said...

I'm always nervous of friendly birds for that reason!!!!
Our Sunday was very murky, it was our Saturday that was amazing!!!
Tex,you sexy, sexy boy!

Sandra said...

how cute is Oscar? in a bandana! too cute! Tex has the best expressions - glad you had a sunny Sunday and the dishwasher was fixed (mine broke once, I didn't do the dishes in it and left them until it was fixed eww! I'm vile!)and I love your beads and shell hanging things and your quote - I would like to be smart for a whole day!, I think it would be lovely! x x x

Vix said...

Your pets are so cute!
I love the beads strung up outside, I bet they look incredible with the light catching them. x