Monday, 18 November 2013

A day in full colour

Last nights sunset was the first sign that today was going to be a good one.  The sky looked like it was on fire.

There was only one thing for it, fabulous colour, flowers, lace and a photo bombing cat!

I spent my day in the shop working the crowd, surrounded by colour.
Out came my handbag size camera and this is the result.

 I flicked through the pages of this 1963 Bazaar Magazine.

 The advertisements were fabulous, gorgeous clothes and gorgeous hair.

Then I found a 1961 Family Doctor Magazine, the ads in this were hilarious.
Especially the one on the right at the top!!

 Colourful baskets.

 Beaten up, well traveled old suitcase.

 Home ware in plastic, tin, china and fabric.

Gorgeous clothes in texture, colour, lace, beading, trims, embroidered, and ruffles.

The fabulous retro fan kept me cool all day as the shop is awfully hot with all the overhead and display lighting.

 Who doesn't love an old crocheted blanket?

 Stylish hats for stylish ladies.

 Menswear, one rack dedicated to the blokes.

Vintage toys that look well loved.

 Fabric, fabric, fabric!!

 How about retro bar!

 Another beautiful dress that could not accommodate my ample bust! 

 Something for everyone in the shop, even if only a memory jogged from days gone by.

 Hairdryer, house slippers, handbags and silk hankies.

Candlewick bedspreads, woven cane chairs, and macrame.

Newly upcycled top hats in my favourite corner, military style brooches and paper dresses.

I love these little cards that are being used as tickets on the clothes for sale in my favourite corner.

What did you do today, the first day of the working week?

Whatever it was I certainly hope you enjoyed it.



Angels have Red Hair said...

Oh my ... what is this magical place you call work. I could lose myself for hours amongst all that fabulous stuff.

Sandra said...

how do I convey my excitement without writing aaaaaaahhhh!(turns out it's impossible!) it's the best place ever! I want the bar! and the baskets and I laughed so loud over 'the laxative the whole family likes', so so many wonderful things, and being denied dresses because of boobage sucks! mine refuse to go in most dresses, so annoying - I love your outfit and your flowers, your looking gorgeous there missus! love the quote and have a fab week! x x x

The Green-Molloy's said...

Oh wow Sue this post is awesome...such many vintage goodies to behold. We are currently on the other side of the world but seeing this blog makes me want to get the next plane back home to NZ. x