Friday, 13 December 2013

50 shades of Blue!

This morning somehow fell into a bit of a Blue theme for me.  All started when a dress I bought off Trade Me arrived in the post, I just had to wear it!!

So I did with an apple green sleeveless top and my Ira Mitchell necklace (South Island Artist).  Liking the shades of blue that were going on I decided that my little blue pots that my friend Dawn gave me were perfect for Hydrangea heads  Speaking of her, this was my destination for the morning, she required my assistance.

Our mission was to deliver a car full of her art work to The Garden Art Studio and Lily Pad Cafe.

We set up the two bird baths in the left picture, and while we were having a cuppa and a piece of the most delicious cake the Fish Totem on the left in the middle photo sold.

Inside the Gallery amongst all the beautiful things on offer are a selection of Dawns creations, you can check out her other work here. A lot of her work is outside in the Garden part.

Normally you are not permitted to take photos in the Garden part of the Gallery and Cafe but today I was able to as I was photographing Dawns things. I felt like such a rebel!!  I was drawn to the fish made out of spoons while she was drawn to the huge water bowl.

As we were leaving we visited the Farm shop (also on site) which has a selection of fruit, vege, eggs, jams, sauces and pickles.  I love the fact that they don't grow their plants in straight rows.  Oh and we both fell in love with the dinky wee Mini that was parked up.  Just the right side for a couple of old friends to do road trips in, being a convertible we could do our own Thelma and Louise gig.

The other day this awesome shadow appeared on my lounge wall, free art while the sun was out.  I was tempted to hang a piece of paper and trace the lines.  Didn't happen, maybe another time.

I often count my lucky stars that I have such a selection of solidly good sort friends, some I have know for a very long time, and some for just a few years and I appreciate each and everyone of them.  They are after all the family that I have selected myself, the very best sort of family you can ever have.

Happy Weekend Time!!!


Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Cool dress! I so need to get me one of those totem poles when I start on my garden....assuming the farking goats don't eat it all!!

Poppy Q said...

I love the bird baths, she does amazing work.

Enjoy your weekend.

Julie and Poppy Q

Angels have Red Hair said...

Blue and green is my all time favourite colour combination ... and it looks smashing on you.

Sandra said...

ooooh I love your frock! looking gorgeous there Missus! the green cardi is fab too and your supermodel poses! your friend is so talented, the pieces are excellent, the bird bath's got me and the little caravan-ettes, the mini would be perfect for the Thelma and Louise moment, can I have Brad?! have a lovely weekend x x x x

Vix said...

That dress might be my favourite of yours ever! It's gorgeous! Love Dawn's stuff and all the stuff you saw1 x

Helga! said...

Dawn is so frigging talented! I'd be fingering everything in sight and neglecting my coffee if I went to a cafe filled with her amazing work!
Loving the new frock, it's super pretty!!! Funny how some days have distinct colour theme!!!