Wednesday, 11 December 2013

I have hit the half way point.

Half way to what tho'?  Half way to madness??  Halfway through my life? (Yes as I plan to make it to 100 just to annoy my sons).  No, just half way through another week, and the weeks have all but run out for this year.  Hard to believe we are getting ready to click over into a new year.

This morning I had an appointment that required me to be tidy at least.  I even IRONED my dress!!!  That is unheard of in this house, and I will admit to feeling light headed after succumbing to ironing, but the dress was too crumpled for this morning.  I dug out my long crocheted short sleeve cardy, perfect for the weather that was on offer.

My darling friend Lulu-belle  (she has a fabulous blog you will find here) was in my town visiting her mother so we played catch up after lunch.  We managed to visit 3 op shops and plan on a full circuit over summer.  These huge chairs were in the Salvo in town and apparently rather comfortable.

It would appear that I have developed a thing for Calla Lilies at the moment.  The Black one on the left I found today at Habitat.  My Pink one seems to be getting pinker every day and I have another about to bloom that I had completely forgotten I had in my garden, I do apologies to that Calla Lily!

Every time I go to pick the Raspberries the girls gather around and join in.  I have to be careful where I step as the little buggers get under my feet and sometimes even walk over them.  The berries are plentiful this season and oh so tasty.  Just ask the girls, they get all the ones that the birds have nibbled on.  Does that make their eggs raspberry flavoured?

Sheba appears with one of her balls as soon as I set foot outside.

And how is this for flowers in your hair??

I really should get the tree out and dressed, maybe this weekend.


Angels have Red Hair said...

Well done you on the ironing ... it's a task I avoid whenever possible. I do like the hydrangeas in your hair ... one of the most beautiful flowers ever ... in my humble opinion. Best get that tree out this weekend ... you're kind of running short on weekends to do it now ... eek ... can you believe Christmas is almost upon us!!!

Sandra said...

haha! hilarious Santa poster, you made me howl laughing, flaming brilliant! you are looking gorgeous with the flowers, makes me want to walk round with a bush on my head, more is more! and I love your outfit, I hope you have recovered from your ironing experience! I've never seen a black calla lily it's gorgeous, Sheba is too cute with her ball, I can't resist her eyes! x x x looking forward to seeing your tree! x x x

Vix said...

That dress is fab and I love the lily. The chairs in the chazza are gorgeous, aren't they?
I can't say I'm much bothered by ironing. Mind you, it's probably the only domesticated thing I do and at least I can have a beer and dance whilst i'm at it! x

Helga! said...

Ooo, those chairs are rather funky!
Jaysus, honey, don;t get carried away with that ironing thing! I only iron when I'm sewing, otherwise I generally can't be fecked! Oddly, G is rather good at it, due to his army days!!!
RASPBERRIES!!! My favourite berry!!!
Where HAS the year gone, darling?!

OP SHOP MAMA said...

I met Louise in a shop!! ( an actual retail shop! I wasn't in my natural habitat but she still recognised me!)( I had to buy some special pens for the kids' teachers) She is so lovely.
Those chairs are still there?! I admired those about a month ago. Obviously not priced to sell!