Saturday, 28 December 2013

Holiday life is in full swing everywhere.

Even all our pets seem to know it is vacay time, and they are so loving having us home all day with them.  If TOF sneaks off for a Nana nap he has company in the form of two dogs and a cat!!

Tex is fully qualified and certified in the art of R & R (rest and relaxation) and would prefer not to be disturbed.

We have finally finished eating all the leftovers from "that" day.  In fact we found ourselves eating Lemon Meringue Pie for dinner and things like that.  But that is what this time of the year is all about.  No rules, on holiday!!

I have been driving past this awesome new Art work for weeks now and finally got around to taking a photo today when heading to visit a friend.  It is on an outside wall and even featured in our local paper a few days ago.  I like an artist that can slap some paint on a wall and create something as fabulous as this, beats tagging any day.

I arrived with a basket of small lemons for my friend to preserve and some flowers from my garden and came home with my basket containing apricots and plums from her lovely garden.

 Aggies, who doesn't like a good old fashioned Aggy (Agapanthus).

 And my favourite of all Hydrangeas.  What a selection!  Might have to take my secateurs one day.

Lead light and Lavender coloured flowers.

 These flowers remind me of my old Nana's garden, especially the lemon one.

So it is just me and TOF at home for a week as Jak has gone to R & V (Rhythm and Vines) concert and basically party hard for five days.  Hope his new cast on his arm is still in one piece when he gets home.  But while he is away we have food in the fridge, loo paper in the loo, and none of his crap spread around the house!!  Woohoo!!! 


Sandra said...

you too with the toilet paper!! doesn't it drive you mad!hehe! leftovers are the best, no proper cooking for a few days and no rules, oh I love that! and nana naps ahh, cookie loves sharing them too - Enjoy your R&R, feet up and no mess - think of me! I'm back at work tomorrow wtf!!! x x x

Vix said...

Those blooms are just fabulous! Strangely our fennel, geraniums and Rosemary have decided to flower, bizarre considering its midwinter.
We have nothing left, the cupboards are bare so it's the curry house for tea! xxx

Helga! said...

Inspiring artwork!
I've been pissed continually for days, and spent most of yesterday asleep!!! That's how I deal with the season!!! I'm raring to go now, but it's over, hahahahaaaaaaa!
Tex is so sexy, if he was a human, I;d rape his deliciousness!!!
G's Mama made the most divoon lemon meringue of the few desserts I go gaga for! Breakfast, lunch, dinner-anytime if right for leftovers of that!

Angels have Red Hair said...

No rules is the best thing about the holidays ... I just ate a bowl of ham for breakfast!!!
I love hydrangeas too ... I kept planting them in dreams of achieving success like in your pictures ... alas the heat keeps winning the day :0(