Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Happy 25th of December!!

Last night Jak and I decided we needed to go  looking at Festive lights so we nagged TOF until he agreed to be our driver.  The 3 of us and the dogs piled into the car and we set off on what TOF called "the top ten festive light ups in the Tron".  He was in good form and provided us with a humorous commentary while out driving us around the lit up streets.

In Hamilton we have a Mormon Temple in fact I think it may be the biggest one in the southern hemisphere.  Anyway every December they go all out and totally decorate the Temple gardens with zillions of lights of course in a very religious theme.  This year loads of the houses out there were done up too.

After the Temple we did a drive down the main drag of the Tron to people watch as you do and have a look at the huge decorated tree in Garden place. Then we headed to Harrowfield where the houses in this posh little area go all out, almost competitive.  My favourite lights of the evening would have to be the "TRAFFIC LIGHTS"!! They were everywhere!! TOF wasn't keen on stopping so some of the photos get that special festive blurred look to them which it is possibly better to view them after a few drinks where they will then appear quite normal!!

Now moving on to todays efforts.  TOF and I had a lovely breakfast of poached eggs from our girls and grilled streaky bacon.  We mooched about doing diddle squat for most of the morning which was really nice.  Jak and I then went and picked up Max for a spot of lunch.  We had croissants with ham and cheese in them, Sultana cake and Russian fudge, the delights made by  TOF yesterday, bless his little cotton sox.  There was a bit of beer that got drank and then I requested a photo session, you know a lovely family photo, one worthy of sharing, a memory of the day, us all together relaxed and happy. 

 Easier said than done!!

Finally we ended up with one that could be loosely called a "good family photo".

Seriously it will do, and how fabulous does the blue hydrangea look??!!

Me and TOF sharing a moment or two.

Anyway, with a nice wee leg of farm fresh lamb in the oven we chilled out for the afternoon.  Next thing it was time to have dinner.  TOF loves doing a roast so we had the lamb, some veg and roast spuds and gravy.  Nothing over the top in this house, more than satisfying and a rather pleasant little feed.

This was followed with the rest of the treats TOF threw together yesterday.  His Lemon Meringue Pie is world famous in our house.  He even makes his own pastry, curd from our lemons and the meringue from our eggs.  I feel seriously FULL!!!  Oh and I picked a nice old bunch of my perfumed Sweet Peas for the table. YES people, I cleared the table and we used it for the real purpose of a dining room table. I know!!!  Quite frankly we're in shock.

Now we are all in reclined positions waiting for the food to filter down through our bodies.  

Well that is what today is all about isn't it?

I think today is spending time with people you want to be with, doing what makes you happy and if that involves eating and drinking so be it.  As long as you enjoy yourself, that is the very most important thing to me.

We had a few laughs!!


Angels have Red Hair said...

I'm glad you had a good day ... and you're quite right ... Xmas is all about eating, drinking and spending time with loved ones. Who needs all the silly fuss??

Sandra said...

we used our table too! haha! and the camping table for the kids - turns out they are useful things! your meal looked delish! and I love your family pics, I like them natural! I agree with you, it's about time with people you love, and food, lots and lots of food (I cooked so much yesterday, whats left is in the fridge and will feed us today, result!) x x x x