Monday, 9 December 2013

My social calendar for December is filling fast!!

This weekend gone was a pleasant one.  Lots of faffing at home and a night out for me.  I spent an enjoyable Saturday evening out at a lovely young ladies 25th Birthday Party taking photos of her and her guests. It was a good old time out for sure, and I took over 150 photos!

And I even managed to make a few new friends even if only for the night.

Also on Saturday it was "Crate Day".  Jak had some mates around to "get on it" in our back yard. Max and his mates used to celebrate this here when he still lived at home so this is not new to our garden. The photo is the aftermath taken on Sunday morning.  I was thrilled to get woken at 3am Sunday morning to go pick him and a mate up from town.  You know when you are in a deep sleep and you aren't sure if you are dreaming or not, well that was me at 3am, so that is why I agreed, coz I so thought it was a random dream!!  He had a quiet day on Sunday and this morning he had some fluffy friends to keep him company while I headed off to work.

The shop was busy today, that whole pre Christmas panic is kicking in.  Good for business and it is great to see people are adventurous with presents.  My favourite corner had more new things arrive in it today while I was there.  I suggested this outfit for the mannequin.  In my quiet moments I played Boggle.  If you like making words out of a word with a time limit this is the game for you.

I still haven't purchased any presents or put up my tree, but I have been accepting social engagements for December thick and fast.  Every weekend is booked!!  Seriously there isn't much time left until the big day lucky I don't subscribe to all the *@%#! that goes with it.  A fabulous blogger in the land of Oz who you can find here, she wrote the best Christmas poem ever, you so should check it out, the post is titled The Joys of Christmas Shopping.

 I will leave you with this little gem.


Sandra said...

it is a gem! and so blooming right! it is all true, women would have done all those things!
looks like an excellent weekend of fun, the first pic is gorgeous! and woken up at 3am, gah!you're a good Mum, I don't drive yet, but I'm sure I have this to come! or maybe I should leave the driving to Mr F? hmmmm
I love the outfit on the mannequin, and I love your frock and your gorgeous shoes - we are out this week to get our stuff, I am going to remain optimistic! x x x

Vix said...

You're spot on, I can't be doing with all the shit that comes with it but going out all the time is the good thing about the silly season!
Love that top picture and love the frock you're wearing. xxxx

Helga! said...

Darling, you look gorgeous!!!
A crate day, huh?! Sounds like FUN! Except for the hangover.
O, gawd, the silly season does tend to get on my tit with all the stupidity, but I can never say no to a good knees up, and I guess it's the best time to get down and get funky! I don;t do pressies, nor celebrate xmas as such, haven't done in years! Not religious, and have no kids-doesn't really make sense for me! Saves me heaps of money too!

Angels have Red Hair said...

You are such a good Mum ... Letting them have crate day in your garden AND picking him up at 3am. Guess I've got all that to look forward to still.
Thanks so much for the mention ... alas I couldn't get the link to work ... boo hoo ... so I'm just kind of taking a leap here and assuming I'm the only the Aussie blogger that's written a poem with that title ... so glad you liked it :0)