Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Second hand from top to tail with a free smile.

I realised this morning once I had thrown my outfit together that everything except my undies and bra were all second hand and had cost me bugger all.  If I had been insane enough to have bought all new and full retail, then I would be living in another neighborhood and considered well off!!

My outfit consisted of a Jean Jones Dress (NZ label) with a Trelise Cooper (NZ Designer) dress over the top.  The top dress would have retailed for hundreds of dollars but lucky old me picked it up for a sweet $20.  Dusky pink mesh tie front top and Rieker shoes completed the look.  My necklace of precious stones set in sterling silver was from trade me.  This whole lot of second hand goodness cost me less than $50, and the smile I threw in for free.

I do not do back on photos for exactly this reason!!

I was given this gorgeous bunch of flowers from a friend today as a thank you for taking photos at her birthday on the weekend.  They are all from her garden and are just so beautiful.  Not only colourful, they smell amazing!!

This is a true story so make the most of each day you wake up!!


Kay said...

Wow... you are an inspiration Sue!

Vix said...

I don't get why anyone would buy new when the chazzas are positively bursting with great stuff.
Fab outfit and gorgeous flowers! x

Angels have Red Hair said...

This outfit looks fantastic on you ... and you are allowed to be all smug because you got it for a bargain. I don't have a single charity shop near me that ever stocks anything worthwhile ... in fact if I went shopping for clothes there I'd probably only be able to buy my own back again. One of these days I'm going to go on a charity shop road trip and stock up.

Sandra said...

Ha! I love the quote! it's true!
I love your fancy frock and the way you layer outfits, the ribbon detail on the frock is lovely, and of course your shoes! an asymmetric Mary Jane! love them! gorgeous flowers, I bet they do smell divine - and I bet your bum is lovely too!!! x x x

Serenata said...

Don't you love it when you can dress yourself for so much less than if you had bought new?! You look great.

Those flowers are divine!

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