Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Our dogs had a play date so we went along for the ride.

We have good friends that live on a life style block in a place called Karamu which is only a 10minute drive from our place.  They suggested we head out for a visit and take our dogs.  We don't need to be asked twice!

The short drive out in the countryside is always lovely.  There are paddocks with hay bailed ready to be stored, others are planted in maize, and others are looking a little brown from the sunshine.  But this countryside is gently rolling hills of farm land and always changing due to seasons and activities.

The roads are great, you get long straight parts and then windy bits, all to make it interesting.  Our friends neighbours have a couple of Alpaca, I had to take a photo of the white one, it needs braces on its teeth, or do they all look like this??  Funny bugger.

The views from our friends  place are spectacular, just big wide open spaces of the great outdoors.  They are looking after a relatives gorgeous Golden Retriever called Charlie, and they have a big red Labrador called Gus, so with our two finally out of the car it was all on for some very serious bottom sniffing.

Their house and gardens are just gorgeous.

They have a huge as deck where we sat and drank tea/coffee and ate doughnuts!!

Gerber, Day lilies, and Calla Lilies to name but a few of the lovely things Roz has planted in her gardens.  All edged with huge rocks, winding paths and garden art.

 Huge pots planted up live on the deck where there was plenty of room for four dogs to chill out.

This is my lovely friend Roz with Charlie, she mosaiced the loo and her son made the witch hat when he was small.

 I love the view out the kitchen window, and doing the dishes wouldn't be a chore when you can gaze at the beauty outside.  The wall of hearts and the wall of plates are two of Roz's collections.  She made the mosaic rooster and a friend created the jandal wearing leg which has a long but funny story attached to it.

TOF and Gary took the dogs for a walk in the paddocks.

 Oscar and Sheba had a ball running and jumping, drinking out of water troughs and then Oscar felt the urge to have a swim!!

 The cows were so dam nosy, all lined up along the fence to check us out checking them all out.

There is a sheep well it may be a ram that thinks it is a cow and hangs out with them all.

So funny, our dogs slept all the way home, totally knackered they were.

This is slightly back to front as this was taken this morning.  TOF being Irish and all loves to grow Spuds, and is somewhat disappointed with his yield so far.  Hopefully this will not mean another great Potato Famine!  While all this harvesting was in progress I found Tex rolling around in the sunshine on our deck.

I wish you all health and happiness!!

I am hoping to drag TOF kicking and screaming into town tonight to see the new year in.  I have told him there are fireworks at midnight and we can meet Sue and Joe for a drink.  Let you know tomorrow how that all pans out.

This is to all you lovely people who follow my blog, comment or not, and to those I have found friendship with.  I am thoroughly enjoying it so look out next year as I shall continue to be a blogger in blogger land!!!!


Vix said...
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Vix said...

When I read "life style block" I had visions of some built up housing estate, how wrong I was! Gorgeous place and amazing land. Loving the animal shots.
Happy New Year ! x

Sandra said...

New Zealand is just gorgeous! always beautiful, you and your friends have the best gardens and homes! I love the dogs had a sleep on the way home and Tex being all gorgeous resting, him and Cookie could be a kittie Brangelina hehe!)Have a great night and I wish you a very Happy and wonderful New Year and I can't wait for your adventures in 2014! x x x

Angels have Red Hair said...

What a gorgeous spot !!
New Years resolution number 34345, get myself a lifestyle block.