Wednesday, 1 January 2014

2014, we welcome you!!!

After a busy day yesterday I managed to convince TOF that we should head into town to welcome in the New Year, and Sue and her hubby Joe were in there so we could have a drink with them.

We threw on some glad rags(I even ironed my dress and TOFs shirt), left the dogs soundly asleep and headed into the bright lights of the city!!  Managed to get a park about three stories underground at the Casino and ventured on in. 

After I had a play on a pokie machine and TOF had a few drinks, we found the Webbers and decided to head into town to see the lights, sights, and find a bar to welcome the New Year in at.

Of course us girls had to have a few photos taken and even if it meant tackling a random to do the honors.

We lost our men folk who had strided on ahead, and we were taking it slow as one of us kept stopping to chat to everyone, buskers, homeless, basically anyone!!  Then the old boys came back to gather us up to carry on to the bar we were supposed to be going to.

Then someone needed to cuddle every policeman that was in  close vicinity and get friendly to a couple of lovely Trannies, this was all before midnight!!

Finally we made it to a rather aptly named bar where a few more drinks took place and someone in the group continued to entertain not only us but everyone around us.  It was bloody fabulous!!!

The best part was when my eldest and a few of his mates walked past and got the shock of their lives to see "the olds" in town!!!  So very very funny!!!

Me and TOF ventured off home at about 1am (we had a mission for the next day that required us to be up early) leaving our companions to the mercy of the night.  The walk back to our car was entertaining, so many sights to be seen, people watching in itself is entertaining.  TOF especially enjoyed the young ladies inadequately dressed!!!

Our early morning mission involved a friends little farm (lifestyle block) at Puketaha, a short drive west of Hamilton. And it was beautiful at 7am this morning.  So peaceful and fresh.

 They have these three gorgeous boys.

But these two babies were the reason for our mission, they need to be fed twice a day so we are on feeding duties today as our friends went away for NYE.  They are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!

There is even 25 odd sheep of various sizes, genders and colours.  They didn't mind me wandering through their paddock in my gumboots taking photos.  We will be going back this evening for the night feed, so exciting, playing farmer for a day!!!

Hope you all saw/see the New Year in in style and had/have a fantastic time!!


Wendy Rayner said...

Fantastic sue, glad you had a great evening,you all had great fun,thats what its all about x

Angels have Red Hair said...

We'll you did remarkably well to be up so early after such a late, action packed night. We had drinks at the neighbours ... in bed by 12:30 ... and I'm still lolling around in my pjs at 11:00am.

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Aahhhh! So that's what I did! :D lol Great evening and so glad you were there to see the NY in with us! :D ♥

Sandra said...

You were up at 7am! I'm knackered and had a lie in haha! but feeding very cute babies is always good, they are adorable! looks like a fabulous night was had, you did all the things I would do and in a bar called Shenanigans too, excellent stuff - now I really need to get my ass into gear, I'm fecked!! x x x

Misfits Vintage said...

Happy New Year! Love the little piggies, love the fab partygoers and mostly LOVE the look on your boy's face!

Love! Sarah xxx