Monday, 16 December 2013

Sweet Peas and Parcels

This morning I was delivered a parcel, and not something I had purchased off trade me but a real parcel full of surprises!!

A box full of fabulousness from my most favourite blogger the most gorgeous,   Helga!!

The best start to any girls day, a box full of fun!!  Gorgeous lidded wooden containers, books, scarf, bag, necklaces, a kiwi themes russian doll card and the best ever magazine, in fact "THE MAGAZINE" featuring the one and only Helga!!

I even had time for a quick read before work outside in the morning sunshine, yes another gloriarse day of sunshine in the Waikato!!

The two necklaces went perfectly with my frock of choice so I was feeling pretty dam fine when I left the house.

I am pretty stoked that the first of my Sweet Peas are starting to flower.

And the blackberries are in full flower and starting to grow onto this outdoor furniture.  How convenient, we will be able to sit and pick the berries!!

To Helga, you made my day!!


Vix said...

How exciting! The necklaces look fab with your frock. Helga's parcels are the best! x

Angels have Red Hair said...

That's fab ... Christmas came early at your house.

Sandra said...

brilliant stuff! that has to be the best start to any morning! reading in the sunshine sounds lovely and that is a beautiful pic of you modelling your necklaces, just gorgeous - enjoy your garden, sitting there picking blackberries sounds like bliss! x x x