Thursday, 19 December 2013

My Christmas Mojo is missing

Normally I would put our Christmas tree up on the first day of December and cover it with my collection of very nontraditional decorations.  But somehow this year the Christmas spirit has not turned up.  Not only that, I haven't even purchased any presents.  TOF and I have decided that we might just give the gift exchange gig a miss this year, we don't have any spare dollars lying around to be frittered away on unnecessary things.  The lads are in agreement as both of them have holidays to go on and we would far rather they enjoy that.  We shall hang out for the day and eat, drink and get merry or find a Mary instead, and I suspect it will be a fun time.  We can buy gifts any time of the year if we want to, when there are less bills to pay and no stress to do so.  I am feeling quite like a grinch, but I know I am not.

So in lieu of me not having a tree I am going to show off my friend Ann's beautifully decorated tree.  She is a decorating guru, I love her house!!!

A real Pine tree that smells amazing!!
I could always just visit friends and photograph their trees.

The other night I went out in the country to a friends daughters house to take photos for her.  Of course I got side tracked with the garden and the countryside.  Absolutely dreamy and beautiful and I could have moved in immediately.  Cows in the paddock over the fence, so nice and quiet. Bliss!!

I am in love with the countryside and this little slice of heaven was only a perfect five minute drive from the edge of the city.

This sums me up so well on so many things.

But the tree still won't go up!


Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

You and me both gal! No decs up here either. Can't be arsed lol

Helga! said...

O, babes, I lost it years ago and realised that celebrations and cherishing your loved ones is an everyday affair, not some once a year bollocks with all sorts of stress!!! I reckon you are gonna have a humdinger of a holiday season!!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Vix said...

Helga beat me to it! Unless you're a practicing Christian, Xmas is one big consumerist con.

Sandra said...

I am in agreement, my kids are younger but this year I clamped down on the spends, we can't afford it and I'm buggered if I'm going to spend January with nothing - the kids are cool with it all and that's the most important thing for me, they got me a couple of gifts from the charity shop which is cool - Christmas day is time with my family and a nice dinner, and that's what I'm looking forward too and I know you will have an awesome time! x x x x

Angels have Red Hair said...

The very best thing about not putting the tree up is not having to take it back down in January. You see I can usually get a bit of help in putting it up ... but everyone makes themselves very scarce when it's time to take it back down ... funny about that.
I'm sure you'll have a fabulous day ... and time spent with the family ... and a big lunch to boot ... is far better than a new pair of socks and jocks.

OP SHOP MAMA said...

I totally get you! WE didn't used to do much before the kids came along as far as decorating goes... But festivals are important for little kids I recon. Eventually you realise that hanging out with your loved ones is the bit that's cool!
If you go to Trees at the meteor you'll see that that's the main message..Take a plain t-shirt and they'll screen print something to that affect onto it for free.. My fav is CHRISTMAS DINNER IS NOT A COMPETITION. Lol x