Friday, 6 December 2013

Things happen at night when you are sleeping

As soon as it gets dark outside and everyone is heading off to bed, even the pets, things start to happen.

Snails climb walls, small dogs get comfy on the couch, and some teenagers get to spend time in a jail cell.  HA HA!!!  Apparently Jak was emerging from a taxi and a policeman asked if he had any alcohol on him, (weird that a copper would want a drink while on duty) Jak replied with a yes, and got told "you are under arrest, anything you say will...blah blah blah..." sure we have all heard the speech even if only on TV.  Him and his mate were put in the back of a paddy wagon and carted off to Hamilton Central Police station for the rest of the evening.  No charge, just a warning for breaching the liquor ban. Released at about 3am this morning, after a fun night in the cells.

Something else that happened while everyone was tucked up in bed dreaming, was a huge replica rugby jersey was hung from my favourite bridge.  There is 15 teams in a rugby competition involving New Zealand, South Africa and Australia.  Our team in the Tron is the Chiefs.  Other cities will have their teams huge jersey hanging some where also.  Pretty awesome.

Jak and I decided to go for a walk along the river bank this morning to check out the huge jersey.  The pathways wind along both sides of the mighty Waikato river through the centre of the city.  Lots of expensive houses sit along this area and it is always nice having a squizz into the rich folks gardens.

The Fairfield Bridge is my favourite bridge in Hamilton.  Construction started on it in 1934 and it was opened in 1937.  Not old by world standards but it was registered as a Historic Place in New Zealand in 1990.  Over the years people (probably boozed to hell) have walked the arches, and a man on a motor bike was charged with dangerous driving when he rode his bike over the arches.
Watch the you tube video of it that I found. Balls of steel.

It started to rain which cut our walk short as we didn't have umbrellas with us and it was not a light shower.  The planting on the river bank is rather colourful and in abundance, begging to have it's photo taken.

I got myself a cutting of this gorgeous Hydrangea that was growing on the river bank, with Jak banging on about that being illegal.  And who spent time in a cell last night????  I rest my case!!

It has continued to rain off and on today and I got quite wet (as in hair stuck to my head wet) when picking the Raspberries that were ready.  Such a haul today, filled an ice cream container this time.  They are loving the wet and warm weather and just powering out with ripening up for me.  I will definitely be making jam sometime soon.


Angels have Red Hair said...

First chocolate ... now raspberries ... what delicious thing will you be taunting me with tomorrow ;0)
Oh dear Jak ... not the way he was planning on spending the evening I'm guessing ... will there ever be a time when we don't have to worry over our boys???

Vix said...

I love raspberries, what a hoard!
Great photos. I'm confused by Jak. Aren't people allowed to carry alcohol? What happens if you're walking to a curry house or a friend's house for dinner? xxx

Sandra said...

you can't carry alcohol? or is the drinking age high? ours is 18! harsh stuff indeed - I watched the motorbike stunt with my feet curled in horror, balls indeed! lovely rasberries though Missus! I will always love animal from the muppets! 4eva! have a fab weekend! (I'm a bit rambly, I have just had a 2 hour nap, and left my brain in the bed) x x x

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Sounds like the cops were waiting to bust someone! Poor Jak, oh well, he'll have a story to tell his mates forever more now. I'm salivating at the thought of those delicious ripe raspberries sliding down my gullet - it must be pick-your-own season for berries by now:) xo

Serenata said...

I didn't realise the various councils had instated liquor bans...sounds like there must have been problems!

I just love Animal from the muppets - such a character...reminds me of my Dad! I still get him the odd Animal gift ;-)

Great looking raspberries!

Helga! said...

I remember that incident! Balls of steel indeed!
O, yes, whilst we're alseep all sorts of things go on! Fancy those boys getting chucked ina jail cell! Bugger! It's not like they were staggering about drinking it, so just the possession is seen as bad enough! Shite!!
MMMMMMMMMM, raspberries! Bloody LOVE them!