Thursday, 5 December 2013

If it keeps on raining we will be building an Ark this weekend.

We have so needed some rain and it has been great.  The garden is just going off out the back with all the natural watering that has been happening.  But you do get to a point when enough is enough!!  I think I hit that point today.  Thing is, it is quite muggy, and wet and warm is uncomfortable after a while.  At this stage I am about to cut a deal with Mother Nature, sunny days with a pleasant breeze, and light rain during the night.  I will let you know how that goes.

 The rain did not put a halt to me taking photos.

 Cute as wet little Wax Eyes were feeding in the flax.

 Succulents were covered in droplets of rain, and Tex felt the need to be included.

 Good old fashioned Hydrangeas and Jasmine.

 Baby Passion fruit, strawberries and gherkins thriving in the weather.

I feel quite delighted at my Tyre planter that just keeps on blooming away.

And look what was on special at the supermarket today!!
$1.99 each, so why would you only get one??
TOF is stoked!!

I am currently sipping on a glass of Moscato as I blog that also just happened to be on special and fell into the trolley, naughty bottle of wine.  Today has been pretty average, nothing of any huge interest to share, but tomorrow is Friday and the beginning of my weekend so look out.


Vix said...

That sounds like the Summers of 2011 and 2012. Thank gawd for a good one this year! Beautiful blooms though and a very brave Tex, ours refuse to leave the house in the rain! x

Sandra said...

there is a family block of smarties??? this exists!! I may have dribbled a bit on my laptop! and quite right a bottle of wine fell into the trolley, it happens to me too! good luck cutting a weather deal, I think it sounds quite reasonable, your strawberries and gherkins are looking luscious, and baby passion fruit, so cool! Enjoy the chocolate! are the rolo's in a block too? I didn't know this either! x x x

Angels have Red Hair said...

Yummo … I suddenly feel like chocolate … and wine :0)

Wendy Rayner said...

Colourful pics sue