Saturday, 4 January 2014

A very slow drive to the coast.

Unfortunately for us on our drive out to Raglan we got stuck in a line of traffic being held up by a camper van with a tourist driving.  He was doing 30km under the speed limit and was blissfully unaware of the traffic congestion he was causing. Thankfully no one got frustrated enough to make a fatal mistake.

The upside of a slower journey when not being the driver was being able to take photos of the beauty outside.  The sky for a start had the most amazing clouds, and the Wind Turbines were looking lovely.  Bottom middle photo is the van with us being the sixth car stuck behind him and at least the same amount behind us.  But we all made it safely to our destination!!

We parked the car and then took the box of pottery to Matapihi Gallery for Dawn.  TOF and I had a nice little look around the gallery before venturing off down the main street.  Where I saw a sign saying "MARKET DAY"!!!  Don't ask me twice, I went there for a look and TOF wandered off down town Raglan.  I purchased this ring of one of the stall holders and was fascinated with the zippy bags.

Such a variety of stalls and I happened to know the lady at this stall in the centre.  Check out the dude on his mobility scooter giving his two little dogs a ride.

Now this stall was my utmost favourite and the two young women were adorable to say the least.  Everything imported from Mexico so colour and amazement was everywhere.  They have a website called Dulce and I treated myself to three gorgeous things.  I could have seriously spent up a storm but now I know they reside in my town I can shop via their website. I think that deserves a "SQUEE!"

I even managed to squeeze in a quick visit to my favourite little shop "Glamour"  before we decided to check out the beach.

A short drive to Manu Bay a popular surf spot and we parked up, sat on the grass and watched the world pass us by.  The car park was full.  I spent many a weekend here when I was a mere teenage girl. Hehehehehehe!!!  Been there done that!!

 Lots of dudes out surfing the waves.

The sound of the ocean as it crashed into the rocks and sent sea spraying up towards the sky was magnificent, so powerful.

Off to the next surf spot Whale Bay a 5 minute drive around the coast.  The houses out here all get spectacular views of the ocean.  You actually walk down steps in between houses to access the water.  The surfers have to jump off the rocks to enter the surf.  TOF wished he had taken his board, maybe next time.

Coastal colour and a Duck? Yes this gorgeous boy was just chilling out on the grass under some trees.  Quite possibly someones pet because he was not at all bothered by us being there.

 Bouganvilia looking all fabulous beside the sea.

Our next stop was at a friends place.  They live out there and the view from their huge deck is seriously good.  Even the view going back down their shared driveway is pretty fine.

The drive back to the city centre is lovely, the camping ground is bulging and the tide was in just to make things look more than fabulous.  Must stop in at the Raglan Hotel one day, maybe when it isn't the holiday season.  We did our usual drive along the harbour edge taking us down to the wharf.

 Always have to check out what is going on down on the wharf!!

Plenty of people lined along the wharf trying their luck at catching a fish.  I snuck into Tony Sly Pottery shop for a look and was excited to see that they sell French market baskets their and not too badly priced.  Look hard at the photo bottom left, can you see the lady about to have a swim?  Imagine just walking down some stairs from your home to go for a dip in the ocean.  Love it!!

You so will not believe this but we got stuck behind another incredibly slow driver on our way home.  TOF engaged the rockets and shot past the 3 cars and the offending slow driver one at a time and was actually nice to be driving at the correct speed.  There is only so much snail driving you can handle when on the open road.  The clouds were starting to gather but it was still muggy, we really could do with a jolly good storm!!!

We didn't pack a picnic so when we got home I constructed two of these door stop sandwiches.  Vogels toast slice bread with eggs from our girls with honey mustard, then home grown beetroot.  Next was shaved ham and tomato.  Then Feta and home grown spring onions, lastly home grown lettuce with a drizzle or so of honey mustard mayo, and then a lid.  Trust me, it was GOOD!!!  As we ate this at 3pm we are having bacon and eggs for our dinner, TOF is busily throwing it together now.

Oh how true this is!!


Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Awesome, love Raglan. xx

Poppy Q said...

Looks like another lovely day up your way. It is raining here in Wellington and was a tad cold, I even had the heater on earlier.

Angels have Red Hair said...

Another big day out for you ... It's just one adventure after another

Sandra said...

oooh those super slow drivers! Mr F gets a little verbal over them haha! glad you arrived and returned safely - the views are beautiful! and it's always handy to have a Market Day on arrival! I'd love a rummage there! and one of your sandwiches! x x x

Helga! said...

ARGH!!! You know I love Tony Sly pottery, and Mexicana goodness! TORTURE! The new ring is just darling as well.....
Fecking road lice, we can't stand them. They are quite unable to do the speed limit, but that's fine as long as they pull over regularly to let people pass. It should be made very clear when they book the damned things.
I've not been to Raglan, it's looks GLORIARSE!!
Happy New year, angelcakes!

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