Thursday, 30 January 2014

Are good manners a thing of the past?

Today at work, the job I am leaving next week, the bosses daughter came in, she normally stops and chats, but today she totally ignored me and chatted to the new lady in the office.  Inside I was laughing to myself because her father is equally bad mannered, he never says hello, kiss my arse or anything!  I shall be glad to leave this NEGATIVE place and move onto my next adventure.

Could this be true??
If so I am one major FLIRT!!
Woohoo for me!!

I will talk to anyone, I hold open doors, stop to let cars into the line of traffic, and basically FLIRT with everyone everyday!  My flirting has led me to being treated with extra attention in op shops as ladies keep things aside for me or give me a good deal. I say we should all be flirting, flirting pays off and is such fabulous fun and it costs nothing.

In the Hospice shop today I got these brand new pairs of EMU brand shoes for $5 each.  Fabulously comfortable but a size to big for me.  They are probably going to end up going to my sister at the beach.  The layered singlet top and the 3/4 denims were $2.50 each and go well together.  I am not really a jeans kinda girl but I will give these a whirl, no harm in trying.  

After this little visit I went to buy vacuum cleaner bags.  WHY??  Because I really should vac the house and I have run out of bags and excuses not to vacuum.  At the shop I declined a plastic carry bag so the shop assistant put SOLD tape on them so I wouldn't get nabbed by security.  This made me wonder, Who would steal vacuum cleaner bags??  Certainly not me!!

Meanwhile back home in the garden this afternoon I stalked a couple of sparrows having a Flirt at my bird bath.
Seriously they were flirting, this was not manners!

Such cute fat sparrows they were to.

Pleased to report that my adopted fish have survived their first night in the pond.  But I shall have to put netting over the top because the sparrows think this is another bird bath and I really would like them to stay alive.

It has been so hot and dry of late that I am already collecting dried seed pods from my still flowering Sweet Peas.  I love collecting and storing seeds for the following year.  By the end of summer I usually have quite a collection.

I so did this!!

I am pretty sure my boys did this too.  
Some of the best fun you can have is free.

So back to good old fashioned manners or Flirting,  is it up to us to teach the next generations what manners are.  Or do we simple just accept that some people will always be just plain rude?


Angels have Red Hair said...

Rude people are one of my pet hates ... it costs nothing to be polite ... and you catch more bees with honey than vinegar ... or something like that ;0)

Wendy Rayner said...

Ahhh sue,it dosent cost anything to be polite,but im afraid alot of that has gone out the window,lovely blog X

Helga! said...

O, I constantly bitch about the lack of good manners out there! I am SO polite it's painful, and I must also be guilty of a lot of "flirting"!!!
I think I did that door frame thing too!

Sandra said...

Hurrah! I didn't know I was such an outrageous flirt haha! I do it constantly! I absolutely believe in manners, even when I worked in a High School, students had to use 'Please' and 'Thank you' with me! gorgeous shoes there too, and it's good to try something new with the jeans, the vest is lovely x x x

Vix said...

I can't bear ill-mannered people, I love to be extra nice to them and really piss 'em off. Maybe that's why I keep pulling? xxx

Laura@OurWeeFarm said...

I'm like you, I'll talk to everybody - which is really odd as I'm pretty shy. strange!