Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Good friends = Good times

I am lucky that I have a rather nice amount of lovely friends.  I do not belong to a group or a crowd, I just seem to have collected an assortment of fabulous friends over the years.  My standing joke is that I have no room for any more friends so you now will have to go on my waiting list, as in waiting for someone to depart to make a vacancy.  

Last night my friend Rose and I went to the movies at the Lido, a very posh grown up theater.

All dark and dramatic with lots of huge Chandeliers, Mirrors, and comfortable seating to enjoy before going to the movie.  Then the theater itself is all rather beautiful too, very plush, posh and fabulous.  We went to "The Book Thief", and it was a nice film.  Slow to get going but a good story and based on fact.

The Lido is sighted in the central city so our walk back to the car took us past a foodie area called Dining on Bryce, all lit up with fairy lights.  I loved the huge star lights in the Mexican eatery.

This morning I awoke to a stunning summer day, so with a bit of time on my hands this morning I went and had a cuppa with the blokes at the Engineering firm I used to work at.  I try to catch up with the lads every so often as they are a good bunch and we all get on well.  From there I ventured off to a couple of op shops.

The basket on the left I scored for $3 as I need to secure one of the handles, not a problem!!  The wrought iron candle holders I got for $3 each and the glass lamp shades were $2 so they make for great outdoor lighting.  The tiny basket on the right was 50 cents, big enough for my wallet, phone and car keys so not that tiny,  maybe small is a better word.  Cat bag for a friend and the coloured tights I got off trade me and they arrived in the mornings post.

Apart from having a thing for baskets I have a thing for small wooden draws.  These are wickedly cool. Draws either side and quite heavy but thinking it will make a useful sewing box.

After lunch I went out to Dawns place as she had unloaded her kiln.

Amongst all her things were my white embossed hearts, very pleased.  And her brightly coloured vase is so unreal but unfortunately it has a crack in it so probably not water tight.

I found her two cats Blackie and Taz chilling out on her bed.  Typical that they were enjoying the sunshine on the White covers.  Two lovely boys they are to.

We loaded her van with boxes of goodies to take to a Gallery.  When we got there we installed the two bird baths in the top photos and the Totem pole bird bath in the bottom centre photo.  The others are things from a previous outing. 

The lady that owns this gallery "the Garden Art Studio" said I could take photos.  I explained that I have this blog and she was like "go for it".  And I did!!

The Gallery inside has a mass of beautiful things, a variety of art and it is all just brilliant.  Outside there is an adjoining cafe called The Lily Pad that serves divine food.

Outside in the maze like garden there is truck loads of fabulous art popping up everywhere.  Well worth the drive, it truly is lovely. Plus there is an organic shop that sells a variety of yummy things.

I had a little spend I did on this necklace that in a previous life was a spoon.  Looked wicked with all my purple clothes today, I had my embroidered harem pants on I did!!

I came home from Dawns with her three large gold fish that I have adopted.  I moved my little pond the other weekend so it was all ready and waiting for the fish.  Thinking I will have to put netting over the top to prevent them being eaten.  I have plans to put in planted pots around it so you won't see the actual pond.

The other thing I came home with is this gorgeous big bowl, the Turtle bowl and a second.  I had taken a box of clothes and things for Dawn and she gave me the bowl, very generous and totally unexpected.  There it is on the right with all the ingredients for tonights dinner.  One of my bacon, egg and vege filo pies.

PS:  The pie was Delicious!!!


Sandra said...

Wow! it's a lovely, super fancy theatre! The Lido is a fab name too! I think you can put me on your waiting list too! you wonderful woman - excellent haul, you are having great success at the chazza's, I'm with you on baskets, drawers and glass, love the stuff! and your friends goodies, so clever - show us the purple outfit! pleeaaassee!! x x x

Angels have Red Hair said...

It looks a very posh theatre indeed ... lovely but a bit too fancy for me to be scoffing my popcorn and choc tops in ;0)
More shopping success ... you are on fire ... I think I need to take some lessons from you ... do you offer online tutoring ;0)

Helga! said...

The turtle bowl is simply divoon!
I'm quite besotted with your cinema, it's rather civilised. I haven't seen The Book Thief as yet, but the book was really good, so I must!
Loving the candle holder thingys, the basket, the cat bag, and I can never turn down a good tights score!
The pookies are just gorgeous!!! Little shits always like to dirty things up. Our Peepers has taken to sleeping in the laundry basket, amazingly-at least it's there to BE washed. Makes a change from needing to wash things after she has soiled them.
I'm ebdlessly amazed by Dawn's work!
The spoon pendant is super sweet!!!