Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Creative creations and hopefully more to come.

So last night the lads had taken over the lounge and I retreated to my "sewing/girls only room" which is also know as the "unspare room" which you will understand why very soon.  I decided if I could make a track in the stash to my sewing table then it would be job on for making a sheet dress.

Top middle picture is the corner I made a track to.  Actually this looks like a picture from one of the Hoarder programs you see on tv, but believe me, this is restricted to my room only. Unfortunately others that live here dump stuff in this room so it is quite full.  Give me a whole day, totally uninterrupted and I will sort it all out, but I am waiting for one when NO ONE is here.  Anyway, back to my project, bottom left gives a clue.

My inspiration has come from many of you bloggers that create clothes out of vintage sheets and other fabulous fabrics.  My sheet cost me $2 (I have two of them) and there was  more than enough fabric to cut out the frock I had in mind.  I had the white daisy lace in my stash of old trims and a pattern I had bought when you could get 3 for $10, always a good time to get some new patterns that you know all the vital bits will be inside, like the instructions.  I listened to a lovely French Cafe CD to start with, but by then end of not understanding a word (but enjoying it) I found an old favourite I had owned on Tape years ago but now have it on CD.  Malcolm McLaren and the Bootzilla Orchestra, Waltz Darling.  I pinned and sewed, tried on and pinned and sewed and ended up with what can only be described as a wearable frock!!  I hate putting in ZIPS!!!  Zips are bastards!!!  I need to iron it before wearing it which will more than likely be tomorrow.  I hate IRONING too!!!  So I need to ease into the ironing thing gently.

This morning I was up, dressed and off out to Dawns early as she had emptied her kiln of the big projects that we had loaded the last week.  But this time they had all been glazed and ready to have their photo taken.  The face pots are stunning and huge, and should sell really fast.

Then there was the most bloody gorgeous Frog Bird Bath.  I LOVE it!!!  Seriously this is so amazing and the colours are vibrant.  Pretty sure it will be going to the Garden Arts at Kaipaki tomorrow.  I think it would look awesome in one of those indoor gardens in a flash house: an atrium.  Her Bird Baths are such individual pieces of art and so worth the dollars, if you have them spare to buy art.

I left just before lunch time and took the back road home to town.  This time there really where cows in the paddocks not bulls like last time.  Going home this way brings me into a part of town that has some op shops for me to investigate.  So I checked out a couple and the dump shop before heading home.

I found another lovely old basket to add to my stash of lovely old baskets.  I mean can you ever have too many lovely old baskets.  In the basket is a lovely Italian pot that is now in my bathroom with cotton buds in it.  The drink cooler thing will be good for my small bottle of soda I like to drink.  The metal filing shelf was $5 and is one heavy mother fluffer for sure.  But it will be useful for the household accounts.  The wooden servers are brand new and from Portugal, with the cutest dolls as the handles.  Then the bag with cats on is very near new and the artist that did these has since passed.  I have a friend that loves cats, so this could be making its way around to her house soon. I got a couple of zips too that were only 50c each so I may even cut out another frock tonight.  I have some really nice sheets, one is white with bunches of blue flowers that is going to make the best ever frock.  I think I may have my sewing Mojo back!!

Yep, this is my cleaning styles.


Angels have Red Hair said...

I love your sheet dress ... love, love, love it.
I must go looking for my sewing mojo too.

Sandra said...

your dress is gorgeous, you clever woman, I can't wait to see you model/pose it, I'm chuffed your mojo is back (blue flowers and the best ever frock! I'm excited for you!)I agree with you on the baskets too, there can never be too many..ever! x x x