Thursday, 2 January 2014

Harvesting, sorting and reminiscing

I finally got around to sorting my summer clothes and putting away my winter ones. No need for winter coats and boots right now!! I am always slow to do this because it is a mission and a half.  I have two rubbish bags full to go to an op shop, and three large bags of things to go into the shop.  Thankfully I will be at work on Monday so I can take them in then.  As I sort I get rid of what doesn't fit, things I am over, and what hasn't been worn for the last couple of summers.  Feels great to have got this major monkey off my back.

Lots of glorious colour!!! 

TOF decided to dig up the rest of his spuds today and he isn't impressed with the size and quantity but he did produce two novelty spuds to make me laugh.  He told me what he thought they looked like but I will let you see what you think they resemble.

What do you see??
There were others that looked like animals.

I was over in Hamilton East the area where we used to live about 16 or so years ago, so I went for a drive past our little old house.  Not a lot has changed apart from the garden we planted out the front, it is massive!!

First photo is our little two bedroom home before we ripped out some of the garden, added a parking bay and some more shrubs.  Second photo shows how over grown it all is now.  See the extremely tall tree at the far right?

Well it began it's life inside potted up as our Christmas tree.  Max had this for his first two Christmases and then we ended up planting it outside and look at it now!!  So pleased it is still thriving.

I am quite enjoying this faffing about at home with TOF.  We seem to be able to pass the time of day not knowing what day it is or what time it is.  Bloody fantastic!!  Both back to work on Monday so we will make the most of our last few days being able to relax.  Jak came home for one night, needed showering, feeding and lots of sleep.  All his basic needs have been filled and he has gone again.  Oh to be 18 again!!


Angels have Red Hair said...

Aahh ... the life of a teenager.
That tree is amazing ... it looks like it's been there for a hundred years

Wendy Rayner said...

God that tree is big ,hope you enjoyed you clearing out and had time to relax inbetween X

Sandra said...

the tree! can I say omg? it's flaming massive, that must feel amazing! novelty/saucy spuds! love them, we planted some and I forgot where we put them, pah! I hope you kept your petticoats! I do like a bit of a cheeky peek of one! it is good to sort out the boudoir though, enjoy the rest of your holiday! x x x

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Love the story about the tree :D Perhaps the unspare room should be your dressing room then you wouldn't have to pack things away! :D OUr spuds aren't ready yet, well don't think they are, everything went in very late