Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Nice to be home in my garden again.

I loved being away but I loved returning to my garden, my pets and my family, and in that order!! Oh alright, pets first, they were the most excited about my return!!

 I now have Yellow Calla lilies and beautiful Gladioli.

The Hydrangea is changing colour and looking as gorgeous as ever.  Carnations are flowering along with my fabulous sweet peas.  I decided I needed a bunch of flowers inside for me, I have a tendency to pick and give away.

My thorn-less blackberry is taking over the outdoor furniture that resides next to it, there is a massive crop getting ready.  We still have strawberries fruiting and I pulled my beetroot when collecting the eggs.  But the best thing was I WON!!  I have produced the first red tomato beating TOF again in the tomato growing competition, ha ha!!!  He has more growing but I am still  the WINNER!!

I forgot to show what  I picked up at the Whangamata Op Shops yesterday.  Slim pickings I'm afraid, but another pattern to try out using a sheet 50c and I couldn't resist the Crown Lyn plate for $1. 

Arghhh!!  Back to work, back to reality!!

Never mind I wore my new set of rings and necklace both purchased while on holiday. You need new accessories to soften the blow that the holiday is over and life goes back to normal.  Luckily my normal isn't that normal so not too bitter a pill to swallow this morning when getting ready.

I am glad to say I survived my day at the shop and it was pleasantly busy.

I do love this!


Sandra said...

I adore Stephen Fry, he's right though, and his response! I love your frock, you are looking gorgeous there Missus, but you always do - I can't wait to see your dress you make from the pattern (it's my goal this year to get a sewing machine, I want the freedom to able to make/destroy something!) your lillies are lovely - well done on the tomatoes! x x x

Wendy Rayner said...

Lovely pics again sue X

Beth Waltz said...

Stephen Fry is a splendid 'guest' to invite to your blog, Sue!
I would rank him amongst the wisest, kindest and wickedly wittiest of modern cultural critics.
There's no doubt he'd beam upon your lovely floral frock photographed before that handsome flowering shrub.
One can imagine him politely begging to be allowed to have a go at assisting you in making a sheet dress from the newly acquired pattern!
(And if he stayed to tea, he'd probably share his muffin with the girls.)

Helga! said...

Accessories make everything better! You are looking foxy, the wee break certainly did you good, darling!
Love the pattern, it IS similar, very, to my frock! The plate is super pretty, haven't seen that pattern before.
I do love to come home. Being away is brilliant, but home is wonderfuller!