Wednesday, 15 January 2014

This Summers latest fashion accessory, a must have!!

And I have it!!!

A free accessory as well compliments of a possible Mosquito, yet to be confirmed by my doctor later on today, so not really free as there is a doctors visit thrown in as a surprise.

To get one of these freebies all you need to do is follow these simple rules.  Leave at least one window open in your bedroom when retiring to your bed for the evening.  Make sure your face is fully available and relax, go to sleep and when you wake up in the morning you will HAVE IT!!

I have options to accompany this look today:

 I can carry a sign around with me to answer all those stares and questions.

 I can simple cover it with my hand.

I can borrow my sons Beanie, all the hip young things wear these in Summer.

But I am thinking sunglasses will be just fine.
(yes I feel like crap)

Now forget about my eye for one moment and what about my FROCK!!

Unfortunately I obviously wasn't thinking about the back ground due to my eye situation and we have a table full of empty Billy Maverick cans compliments of Jak and friend, the rest of them made it to the recycle bin before they went out, but not these.  They are waiting for him to come home to deal with.

So there you have it, free Summer accessories, and remember if you cannot laugh at yourself, you cannot laugh at anyone else.


Angels have Red Hair said...

Oh OUCH … I must say the beanie option is particularly fetching ;0)
But on the upside … the frock is so gorgeous and summery and colourful … that surely everyone will be looking at it … and not noticing the eye … perhaps ;0)

Sandra said...

Can I pass on this summers latest accessory!! oh my goodness, that's a cracker, you poor thing, and then you made me howl laughing with the beanie hat shot/hand shot disguises!! - your frock! gorgeous, I enlarged the pics to have a good nose (of course!) it's divine! and your shoes too - true too, gotta laugh at yourself, I give my lot way too much material though hehe!! x x x