Friday, 24 January 2014

The cast is OFF!!!! I repeat, the cast is OFF!!!


So very pleased to report that Jak has finally got rid of the cast from his arm, and able to return to work next week on light duties.  He is more than stoked after 3 months of his arm in a cast.  Of course there will be weekly physio to attend but NO operation!  As a celebration the gorgeous lad took me out for lunch in Cambridge, near his place of work.  We went to his work to tell them the good news.  He asked me to go in with him but said to me "Don't embarrass me". That actually sounded like a challenge to me!!  Let me just say I had a good laugh with his workmates at his expense and I still got lunch.

As luck would have it, or is that my skill for finding the perfect park, we scored one right outside an op shop in Cambridge.  So after my delicious lunch was finished I had a quick look.  I came home with this commemorative Alfred Meakin Royal visit tea set.  Should be perfect for my sisters shop window when Brits at the Beach is on later this year.

I keep forgetting to show you this dear wee fella I purchased for $7 on Monday from the shop I work in.  He is a true kiwi dog as when I am driving his head nods in the "yeah, nah" motion!!  So cute, and TOF hasn't seen him yet so that will be interesting.  I have velcro dotted him so he is staying!!

It was such a nice day today that I whizzed out to Dawns.  I now have a boot load of pottery to take out to Raglan to a Gallery she supplies as me and TOF are planning on going out there on Sunday.  Fishing competition is on so we are going to watch the weigh in, YAWN, but at least I get to go to the beach!!

I came home with an "ugly spotty frog mug", a second, but still fabulous!!

How gorgeous do Dawns Sunflowers look?!

We have a long weekend this weekend, as Monday is an Anniversary Day.  Who cares, it is a holiday!!  We have plenty of gardening to do and I have a huge basket of plums from Sue to make into jam so I shall be a busy bum in the kitchen.  There is semi finals Tennis to watch on TV tonight, my favourite player Roger Federer is playing, and tomorrow our Black Caps are playing a one day game of cricket which we can watch on the box also.  Life is so tough!!

Go forth and enjoy your weekend people!!!
I intend to!!

***Love to you all*** 


Angels have Red Hair said...

As Mothers it is our job to embarrass our children at every possible chance that arises ... I'm glad you took advantage of the opportunity ;0)

Sandra said...

Hurrah! and thank heavens there is no operation! *relief for all* phew!
I always think embarrassing our kids is our parental duty, and one I take very seriously hehe! your cute froggy cup is lovely (I used to have a crush on a boy called Froggy, dear me)Have a fabulous long holiday weekend, yours will be awesome!!! x x x x

Connie said...

Hey SUE!! So happy to meet another sassy pants! And a Kiwi to boot. Yay!

Helga! said...

Hey, that's MY Queenie cup and saucer!!!!
O, huzzah about the cast! How very blissful! Certainly a good cause for celebration!