Wednesday, 22 January 2014

SuesDay 2014, the first of many to come!!

Yep we finally got around to having our very first SuesDay for the new year, much excitement!!!

And time to FROCK UP!!

So my vintage sheet dress I threw together got an outing!!

Sue got in early so we had a cuppa while strategically planned our day out.  With numerous Op Shops on our circuit to visit we decided on doing a loop.  We hit eleven of them, took time out for lunch and basically had a bloody great time out.  My little stash is this:

And I am pretty pleased with my scores.  My spots and stripes love affair continues but this time not in black and white.  The shoes are very cute and only $4, they will be worn possibly tomorrow.  The glass lamp shade is going to be used as a wind break for a candle outdoors, and the gourd pot was too gorgeous to leave behind.  The top is by Garb a NZ label I rather like. The colourful tunic is an all year round bit of clothing and the books with it are on Celtic stories and fables, thought TOF might like them seen as he is Irish. The two boxes have compact mirrors in them and are fabulous and funny.  How can I say no to vintage sheets at only $3 each??

We Sues both thought the new paint job on the public dunnies was pretty fab.  But we both have a fear of using such public conveniences for different but hilarious reasons, that involve those automatic doors.

There is always time for a post shopping photo session in the garden!!

I am off for my Mammogram tomorrow so have to plan what to wear as I will have work to go to after my boobs have been squashed and squeezed all in the name of safe health.  I also handed in my notice at work this morning as I have scored me a new job with another local sign writer in town with more hours and bigger variety of work.  I shall be the sole female with 4 blokes which is good for me as I just don't handle the working with women that well, men don't bitch! Where I am now don't want me to go but have accepted that it is happening. Change is always good so I am looking forward to a new challenge for the year.


Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

A fabularse day schweetie :D

Serenata said...

First off your dress looks fabulous! A great day was had by the two of you with lots of fun and laughter by the looks of things.

Congratulations on your new job and I quite agree with what you say about working with women!

Hope all goes well with the boob squishing.

Poppy Q said...

Well done with the shopping and the new job. How exciting.

Hope your mammo isn't too uncomfortable. Be nice to the radiographer, that is my job (I don't do mammos though).

Julie and Poppy Q

Sandra said...

Suesday is back! your dress is flaming gorgeous, you are gorgeous and I love, love your petticoat with it and your necklace too, lovely! well done on the new job and I understand completely what you say, although my job now is the first in years where most of the women are lovely, it makes such a difference - the toilets do look fab and I have a fear of those doors too!! good luck on the mammogram Missus! x x x

Helga! said...

OOOOoooo, darling, you look SCRUMPTIOUS!!!! LOVE the frock and pettivoat combo, it's divoon, and perfect for the first Suesday of the year!
It's very fecking thrilling about your new job! Funnily enough, I prefer working with blokes too, which I do (a whole store of men) but some of them act like bloody old women, which can be annoying!
I must be due for a mammogram this year, I think it's every two years after 45?? Ghastly things. I want G to come and get his willy squashed in empathy.

Angels have Red Hair said...

Congratulations on the new job ... I'm sure you'll have all those blokes wrapped around your little finger in no time.
Public toilets ... in my opinion ... are to be avoided in all but the most desperate of circumstances :0)