Monday, 27 January 2014

YES!!! We had ourselves a picnic by the sea.

Yesterday TOF and I headed out to Raglan to catch up with friends, delivery some pottery to a Gallery, and watching a fishing competition weigh in (that last bit didn't happen, of course I was inconsolable).  So I took this opportunity to slip a basketful of goodies into the car.

Apparently it was not picnic weather, but when have I ever let a minor detail like weather get in the way of a fabulous plan??!!

So parked up at Manu Bay with no water sports happening we had our little picnic in the car.  I had made us croissants, well I didn't actually make them I filled them with ham, cheese and home grown tomato.  We had a bag of seasonal fruit, some chocolate biscuits because no picnic is complete without melted chocolate on your fingers, and a thermos.  It was rather relaxing sitting in the car eating our food and just watching the weather do its thing.  TOF of course was giving me a running commentary, mainly about how much two old girls parked nearby had eaten, like I needed to know this gem.  Pleased to say there are very nice facilities as in real loos at Manu Bay.  In my teenage years of hanging out at Raglan you shared the so called facilities of the days with wandering cows that would shit on the floor.  Close but no cigar!!

 We drove around to the next bay called Whale Bay but I only found a resident Duck on the rocks.

Another lovely part of the coast but  I slipped over and banged my knee while trying to save my camera, my camera is worth far more than my knee!!  TOF didn't see the great fall but thought it was incredibly funny, so supportive of me, true love.  We visited a lovely friend that lives out their and I tried to phone another friend staying out there but the reception was NIL (sorry Megan I did try).

Time to start thinking about going to our friends in Raglan Town so we did our usual drive along Cliff Street down to the Wharf.  Creatures of habit you see.  I dream of living on Cliff Street as the harbour is just across the road and the shops are a walk around the corner, but this is a dream as the real estate is what can only be called PRICEY down this road.  Trust me.  But you can park up and rest on a bench or dine at a table all for free and take in the views.

Our friends home is elevated so every window gives you an amazing view.  I never get tired of looking out any of them.  Seriously considering just moving in with them, there is talk of two bedrooms being vacated this year!!

Seaguls soared in the evening sky that was getting stormier by the minute, while we dined in doors in the company of four good friends.  We feasted on fish and all things of goodness and ended it with a very tasty home made plum crumble!!! you cannot beat an evening of this type.

As our evening drew to a close the views went from gorgeous to spectacular as the sun slowly set, this was the first time we had seen her all day so it was sort of hello and goodbye all in one.  

Raglan truly is a special place, and we are so lucky to have it so close and accessible.  We have Raglan on the West Coast and our beautiful Whangamata on the East Coast.  Why would we live anywhere else in the world??!!


pastcaring said...

You are so lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world. Gorgeous pics of all the lovely views, and a wonderful sunset too - you're spoilt, you know!
Hope your knee is recovering... xxx

Connie said...

True love is laughing at each others mishaps. What a gorgeous sunset. Magical!

Angels have Red Hair said...

Someone else falling over is always hilarious … the emphasis is firmly on the someone else ;0)

Sandra said...

You had me laughing at you being 'inconsolable' at the weigh in! I would have been too hehe!! I love me a car picnic, and with melted chocolate too! I hope your knee is ok too, Mr F shares the same support system (and me with him, he has a habit of walking into shop displays, my response is bent over double howling laughing, I'm bad)I love your pics and can we all move in with your friend?!! x x x

WordsPoeticallyWorth said...

An interesting post with some nice pictures.

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

What a lovely outing! I simply adore picnics. =)

Helga! said...

Love that basket!
I don;t mind a picnic, but whenever I plan one, the weather turns to rubbish. I suppose I should take your cue and do it anyways! XXX

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