Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Because I am gifted at finding a good buy.

Yesterday TOF and I went for a drive to Cambridge, about a half hour drive from Hamilton and a really pretty English styled town.  As we drove in I noticed a fair was happening at the big church on the main road, but did we get to stop? NO!!

All I got was a photo of said event out the car window as we went around the corner.  Truth be known we were on a mission, one of my Trade Me missions so we were towing a trailer.  Parking that could have been an entire new mission so we stuck to the original plan.

I bid and won an entire lounge suite for ONE DOLLAR!!!!  Yes I did!!  I only wanted these two chairs so with a quick text to the sons flat the couch was ear marked for there.  Tex has fully inspected the new chairs and slept in both now that they are inside the house.  Thank goodness we have friends with a trailer!  I thanked them for the use of it with a jar of my plum jam and a bottle of wine.

They need re springing and covering one day, so maybe I might try and find an upholstery course so I can do it myself.  In the mean time a throw rug on each will do the trick.  They are certainly comfy old buggers, great for having a brew in "The Ugly Spotted Frog" mug!!

These are the shoes I picked up for $4.99 last week, pretty dam nice actually, and very comfortable to wear.
Who needs to pay full price?

I am off out to the movies with my friend Rose tonight, we are going to go and see "The book thief".  Both our husbands aren't big on the movies so we might make this a monthly outing and it is a good way for us to catch up regularly.  This year is apparently the year of the Horse.  Time to get on it and do things!!!  So far I have quit both my part time jobs, yes even the shop, and I am going to make do with just the new one.  This year for me feels like a year for changes and I am going to keep making them.  All negative crap can take a hike, I have only room for positive stuff this year, and it is feeling great to have cut loose from my old jobs.  I enjoyed the shop but I have slowly been getting tired of the general public and their rudeness (negative, had to go).  I will still sell things in the shop so my extra income is still going to be happening.

Are you making any changed this year?


Angels have Red Hair said...

Wow ... now that's what I call a bargain ... well done!!
That church is just gorgeous ... shame you couldn't stop ... maybe another day :0)

Sandra said...

A year for change, I like that! and here's to the negative taking a hike *clink* I like that too! your couch set is amazing and for $1, how cool, that's my plan for our next couch, the one we have is a pile of crap and we haven't finished paying for it and it's our 3rd replacement! you always give us good shoes, those are beauties! the big button's are fab! x x x

pastcaring said...

What a bargain for comfy old buggers, both the chairs and the shoes!
Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes... Yes, trying to make some here too. I am trying to find a part-time job (not easy, as it turns out) and reduce the amount of stuff in the house, and generally try to live with a little more purpose and a little less bumbling about. Not sure how that will go, but you can only try! xxx

Helga! said...

Bloody love those shoes!
Nice job with the lounge suite! What a brilliant bargain! You ARE the Queen of Trade Me, my sweet! I don;t mind that raspberry colour, actually, and Tex obviously doesn't either! I have been intending to do an upholstery course for years........one of these days! It's marvellous what a rug can do.
Ugh, retail! I will never work retail again if I can help it. I generally like people, but for some reason, when you work in a shop they think it's a licence to treat you like shite! Pah!

Connie said...

You do have a talent!!! Very nice indeed. My changes? To get my buns in gear!!

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