Thursday, 13 February 2014

Are photos memories or are memories photos?

I have been trawling through old photos of late for the pending big day in my eldest sons life, turning 21.  Apart from the day he was born what else is there?  Plenty I suspect but I came across some of my old photos.

This would have been in the late 60's, more than likely heading off to church, as that is what you did on a Sunday back then.  All of us girls wearing dresses made by mum.  That to was what you did back then, made your children's clothes.  My beef with homemade dresses was that I had to wear my two older sisters frocks after mine no longer fitted, I had plenty believe me.

Sitting on the hand rail off the deck at our beach house with Dad and Grandpa watching over us, not OSH or any health and safety officer.  We were allowed to take risks like this. Risk?? We were a generation that was allowed to take risks daily and we survived!!  No cotton wool for us.  I think we had the freedom years for sure.

Check out our toweling ponchos!!  Home made with matching beach bags if my memory serves me correctly.  Oh and look at the sun glasses on my mum, we back then thought they were hideous, what did we know.  Grandma was rocking the wide brimmed sun hat and dad was very cool. 

I have books full of memories/photos, and all my dads slides which are even older.  Somewhere in my unspare room I have a gadget to plug into my laptop that allows me to make the slides into photos.  Maybe I should dive into that room tomorrow.


Connie said...

I just love old photos. What a cute bunch of blondies! The sixties had the best dresses! Please tell me that you still dress this way.

Angels have Red Hair said...

Well firstly … are you sure that is your Mum and not YOU in the last photo … OMG … alike or what!!!
And secondly … look at all the snowy white hair … Milky Bar Kids Dream Family … love it :0)

Vix said...

I was convinced that was you in the last photo, you are identical! Love those towelling ponchos, I used to have one of those! x

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Look like maybe but certainly not the same disposition eh!! ;-D rather like the ponchos!

Sandra said...

I love looking at the old photo's, mine are in my Mum and Dads and I loved looking at yours, these are just beautiful pics! my youngest daughter would agree with you on the cast offs, she refuses to wear the hand me downs now! and the risk taking too! I had an amazing uncle who let me go on his moped in the garden (I must have been about 7 haha)with his help amongst other things, he was awesome! x xx

WordsPoeticallyWorth said...

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

pastcaring said...

Fabulous photos, what a gorgeous family!
I often think my childhood memories are defined by the family photo albums. xxx

The Green-Molloy's said...

Hey Sue...long time listener first time caller ;-) Love this post - very nostalgic and yes uba groovy. Love the outfits your mum made. My mum did the same for us 3 girls too - makes me want to run and dig out all our old photos.