Friday, 14 February 2014

So I told you a lie

I said I would dive into my unspare room and look for the slide converter thingy today, but I got


Well I got dressed and far to nicely to hang at home sorting out my unspare room, so off out I went.  My intentions were good, I was going to an Antique shop and when I scored a park right out side the door I thought I was doing good!!  Unfortunately for me it was bloody well closed today due to a family event. How inconvenient for me.  So I loaded up the parking meter with coins and walked back down the road to the Salvo.  Ooooooooo it was good!!

Best score was my basket for $1, yep only a dollar!!  The Tony Sly plates were $1 each,  and the book was $2, pretty stoked with my little $5 spend.  Oh look I can add, four years of secondary education wasn't a complete waste of time was it now.  Now the shrug cardy with crocheted edges was $5 from the Hospice. When I got home I remembered some other stuff I forgot to share with you from the other day.  This little lot was still hiding in my car.

Fabulous brand new embroidered bag was $6 from Save Mart.  The tea bag box I paid $2 for and have stashed my herbal and green tea in it, think I might paint it one day.  The Peruvian biblical thing you put a tea light candle in was $3 and the wire cage was $2, I am going to put dried lavender heads in that and put it in my car.  I cannot remember where I got those two things from, but the $2 scarf came from look smart.  And I still had enough money to buy two boxes of beer, serviettes, disposable plates, knives and forks for the party from my cash stash.

How fabulous are my Blackberries?

I am picking quite a lot every day and freezing them. I will be making Jam with some and a guy at TOFs work wants to make wine, I am sure we will have more than enough for both projects and then some.

My dogs joined me in the garden for the photo shoot.

I got a parcel in the post today, a little something I had bought off Trade Me. 

So the blue petticoat skirt was what I bought but the lovely trader added a card and heart soap to the parcel and a bag of lollies inside.  How sweet was that?

I am now plan to give the unspare room some much needed love and attention over the weekend.

Pinkie promise!!!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!!!


Connie said...

Your berries are fabulous! Yum! And I love your outfit. You definitely should get out and show it off. Cheers!

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

I should have come into town with you then I wouldn't have chopped the top of me finger orf!! Gimme that!!

Sandra said...

Blackberry wine! that sounds lovely - you are dressed fabulously, quite right you went out, look what you got! your blue petticoat skirt is gorgeous btw, and how lovely to receive extra gifts! have an excellent weekend x x x

pastcaring said...

What a cool outfit! And so may good finds, love the basket, the embroidered bag and floofy blue skirt.
Mmm, blackberries! Best eaten straight off the bush and warm from the sun, but failing that, a blackberry and apple crumble is good too! xxx

Vix said...

Gorgeous outfit and that basket is perfect for a spot of blackberry-ing. I like mine with natural yoghurt! xxx

Helga! said...

Oooo, I'm distracted by how fabbo you look, and I LOVE the "family" portrait with the dogs!!!
Great scores, you truly amaze me....I guess I need to get out more!
I long to share a glass of blackberry wine with you...........well, a bottle or two, really.....XXX