Monday, 3 February 2014

Everyone must have a "Happy Place"

Today is the last day I will work in the shop.  When I handed in my notice for my office job I decided to quit the shop to.  I am not really impulsive but I do usually follow my gut feelings.  I have loved working in the shop but of late I have started to tire of the general public, the ones that turn up at 5 minutes to closing, the ones that barter with me.  Seriously? I always thought bartering for things wasn't a kiwi thing to do.  Imagine at the supermarket or the petrol station trying to barter the poor shop assistant down.  We just don't do it here.  Anyway I have this really good feeling of being happy with my decisions to leave my two jobs and take on a new one.  

This gives me more time to retreat to 
"My Happy Place".

For me my Happy Place is my backyard on my garden swing and I am more than happy to share this spot.

Anyone is welcome to join me, if you are not happy when you arrive, you sure will be when you leave.

Many an issue has been discussed, many a problem has been shared, all from the comfort of my gently swing garden chair, the $21 bargain that continues to bring pleasure.

Did you notice my plaits??

When I was about 16 I went on a holiday with a friend and her family up north to a beautiful beach called Taupo Bay.  There was this amazing elderly lady that lived next door to the beach house we were staying in.  She was "old", like probably in her 60s but when you are 16 that is old.  She had her long grey hair in two plaits and right there and then I decided that I was going to rock that look in my later years.  So at nearly 52 my hair is finally getting long enough to do this.  Ok so I am not grey and not sure I will ever go grey as my Dad was still blonde in his late 70s.  Gone is my sensible short over the age of 40 hair and I must say I am enjoying the freedom to do what I want with myself.  Since blogging I have met some amazing woman that without them knowing have inspired me to just be me.  

So to all you fabulous bloggers out there I say


Helga! said...

Blogging was a life changer for me!
I noticed the plaits straightaway, and I love them! SO cute!
Ah, I could see myself whiling away a few hours on your swing seat with you, and likely demolishing a few bottles.........XXXXXXXXX

Angels have Red Hair said...

I noticed the plaits immediately too ... you still look about 16 wearing them :0)

pastcaring said...

Yes please, I could happily swing with you, Sue! OK, that didn't quite come out right... But it's true, a comfy spot and a good pal will sort out whole heaps of troubles.
You look great with your plaits, and like you, I have found blogging to be a hugely inspiring, empowering, confidence-boosting activity. Being yourself has never felt so good! xxxx

Connie said...

I love your braids (we call em braids around here) I noticed them right away. You look so relaxed. Quite obviously you have made the right decisions. Blog away Girlfriend!

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

So how was the last day Heidi?? :D ♥

Vix said...

Those plaits look great! When I'm away I saw loads and loads of ladies in their 60s and 70s with long white hair and all of them looked incredible. Sod convention, be you.
I'd love to join you on your swing! xxx

Sandra said...

You look so beautiful and so relaxed and you are rocking the plaits! I would love to spend time on your swing too, it looks like it will be full though, we all want to be there! and blogging is just brilliant isn't it? it has made such a difference to me too, and how else would we have found each other! yay for blogs! x x x