Wednesday, 5 February 2014

I went a little country this morning

What do you wear when going out to spend a little quality time in the country?
Do you take your own pitch fork?
Should you dress for comfort, or for effect?

I love both outfits but sensible won out over farking fabulous!!

 Actually I was just having fun playing dress ups in my garden.

If was fun, twirling and flashing in my dress,
but my purple ensemble and jandals
was best for walking in paddocks!!

The drive out to Webberville (Sue Webbers patch of dirt) is a lovely one and I stopped numerous times to hang out the window of the car to take photos.  Luckily no cars were following me.  The cows were fascinated with my antics. Hello cows, or is that Mooooooooooooooooo to youuuuuu!!!!

The colours this time of the year are a mixed bag of dry long grass, green crops, and multi coloured cows that fill the paddocks.  The clouds are brewing as the sky is wanting to release some rain but this is not on the cards for a few days yet.  Yes, more lovely jubly weather for us!!!

After a cuppa and a relaxing sit outside under Sue's ginormous big new sun umbrella we took all the dawgs for a wander around the estate I fondly call Webberville.  There are four in total but Max the foxy was off up a head of the pack.  Play date for both me and my dogs today!!

The sound of a gazillion cicada filled the warm air, and bees were busily buzzing their bums off amongst the veges.  

With my dogs back in the car ready for a nap on the drive home I said my goodbyes and headed back down the dusty trail to home.  Much to my excitement I came across a real country sight.

A herd of cows being moved into another paddock.  The farm dog was amazing and she kept trying to get the very last cow to move on but it was dawdling along eating and basically holding up things.  So funny to watch.  I chatted to the old farmer when the cows were safely into their new paddock, or was I flirting?  Anyway his lovely old farm dog was called Mate and she is 13, and I could tell he was very fond of this old girl.  He said bike to her and she went and jumped up on his quad bike.  He apologised for holding me up, which I said was not a problem, rather enjoyable, and off I continued.

With my last few sights of country in my camera I was back in town before I could say "I want to buy a couple of acres and become a small land owner and live an incredibly fabulous life".  Lucky for me this little jaunt is only about 20 minutes from my door so I can go take in the sights, sounds and smells of country life whenever I feel the urge.

I shall however get to wear my wee dress and petticoat round town when out and abouting someday soon.
So not all my dressing up was a waste.

This has absolutely nothing to do with today but too good not to share.


Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Good to see ya'll out heeyah in the cunt-tree! Hope Sheba has recovered from that randy little fecker Max!

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Great square dancing frock!! Yeh it's golden weather right now.. loving it! Off to the beach again this avo. Yay. x

Connie said...

Well gosh. You really are a country girl! Love both of your outfits.

Serenata said...

That is one of the sights that I miss! See the cows crossing the road to another paddock. A lovely day out at Webberville indeed.

Love your dress - you look like you had a lot of fun dressing up in it.

I'm counting down the days before I am back in NZ!

Sandra said...

Both are farking fabulous!!!! oh my word, I LOVE them! gingham, petticoat, red! I am possibly over excited by it I love it so much on you! and the purple is gorgeous! it's the purple outfit!embroidered harem pants, love it! great countryside day out too and i do like the quote hehe, blooming marvelous! x x x

pastcaring said...

Oh that square dance frock is a total beauty! I wish you had worn it on your country jaunt, and I demand you wear it again soon! The harem pants are pretty cool too.
What lovely countryside and how great to go and relax with a buddy (and all the dogs) in the sunshine.
I hope you sang "Country roads, take me home" very loudly in your car - see, the square dance frock would have been perfect! xxx

Wendy Rayner said...

Great,dogs enjoying themselves

Angels have Red Hair said...

Love your gingham dress ... but you know what would have gone perfectly with it ... your plaits. Maybe next time.

Vix said...

You look gorgeous in both outfits and, as always, I'm in awe of your surroundings.
If I feel good then I'm comfortable! xxx

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

I love that red petticoat! So much fun.