Wednesday, 19 February 2014

I have wings but I still can't fly!!

I had Angel wings once but they got all bent out of shape so now I only have these wings!!
(that would be my flappy upper arms just in case you thought they were invisible)

And I would quite like to be able to fly.

Apparently if you drink Red Bull
it gives you wings.
I think I would only get wind
so I guess I'd sort of fly!
(we have lift off!!!)

You don't see too many models
showing off their wings!
Mind you
they all stand sort of
like this.
And they are awfully
thin so they probably
haven't grown their wings yet!
(give it time, we all get old eventually)

You can always use props
like your pets
to conceal your wings
if you have some.
(I am not bothered by mine hence me taking the p#$@)

Anyway, you may well have noticed I wore black and white today, no grey areas for me.  Not like my epic fail in trying to do the wages yesterday.  I under paid them all, ooooooooooooops sorry boys.  They were all so laid back about it, I fixed the mistake and promised them muffins.  All was forgiven even tho I told them I had put all their missing pay into my account!!!  Joking!!  Next week I will go slower and try not to be so dam clever.  All systems are similar but obviously not the same.

Sheba must have thought I had already gone to work this morning because I busted her relaxing in my lazy boy recliner.  I love how she just could not look me in the eye.  God knows what else the dogs get up to when no one is home!!


Connie said...

Black and White are my favorite colors. You look quite chic. And we all get our wings eventually....if we're lucky!

Serenata said...

I so enjoy your posts Sue - a great sense of humour, and you look great!

As for the wages...seems quite sensible to me putting the excess into your account ;-)

As for the dogs...all sorts of mischief I suspect!

Wendy Rayner said...

Very smart sue, love your doggies

Vix said...

You prove its possible to wear black and not look in the least bit boring! Lovely animal photos, too.

Sandra said...

Love the dress!!! and it is better to under pay than over pay (ancient proverb, probably made up by me)and who wouldn't want wings? everyone loves wings! haha! I feel I should do a gif of mine, Sheba does look a little guilty awwww x x x

pastcaring said...

All the floof and frills and floaty goodness of the dress makes the black and white perfectly acceptable, Sue!
Oops indeed about the wages! Ah well, we all balls it up from time to time, and most mistakes are rectifiable, aren't they? At least you weren't in too much trouble!
I KNOW my cats get up to terrible mischief as soon as my back is turned! xxx

Helga! said...

Haha, guilty pookies!!! You DON'T want to know what else Sheba gets up to when you're out......really!
You look so lucious I didn't notice your wings! I'm working on mine.They'll be very useful!
Aw, teething trouble, that's all that feck up was! I think the muffin peacemaker is a winner!

Beth Waltz said...

I recall a tale of a woman washing her living room windows while observed by a very young grandchild. With a puzzled frown, the tyke inquired: "How did you let the air out of your arms, Grandma?"

From the mouths of babes...

Angels have Red Hair said...

I am so tempted to set up a hidden camera when I go out and catch Buster in the act … of something. I'm not sure what … but I'm sure there will be something. Oops with the wages … well as long as you paid yourself ok ;0)