Thursday, 20 February 2014

Short cuts can make the journey longer.

This morning I had a dental appointment as a filling had fallen out the other day.  My dentist was away so I was treated by this lovely young lady who made the whole experience pleasant.  Can you say pleasant about a visit to the dentist??  Half an hour later I left with the right side of my face numb convinced I was dribbling, and $200 less in my wallet!!  I even squeezed in a visit before the dentist to a favourite op shop.

Gorgeous soft leather peep toe sling back shoes for $5 and brand new tubes of acrylic paints for $2 each. I got a huge cork board too that I am going to put loads of my photos on, better than an album I think.

Off to work I headed as I needed to do the "airport job".

I have one of those trolley bags to drag along full of pamphlets so I look like an alternative Air Hostess when I arrive.  Well not really because the tool box in the other hand would put off any first time flyer.  Imagine an air hostess carrying a tool box, you would poop yourself wondering what the plane was going to be like!!

I tried to remember the short cut we took last week when I went with my boss and ended up slightly LOST!!  Seriously I am crap at finding my way to places.  So I ended up going back to the main road and going the normal way. Hamilton Airport is only domestic, no international flights for us, so it is delightfully small.  Not a hanger in a paddock small, but small compared to what most jet setting travelers would be used to. Parked the work car outside the arrivals door as "I had arrived"!!  Did my business and then decided to take the shortcut home.  I now know that I was indeed on the correct short cut route but I just took a wrong turn off the short cut making it a complete balls up.  Next time I will be good as gold.  They didn't half laugh back at work when I shared my story.  Entertaining them all is a freebie.

Today has been incredibly hot by Hamilton standards and I gave in and used the air con in my car.  I prefer having the window down and getting fresh air but it was very warm.  I had a quick trip round the supermarket and came home to drop in a chair and do NOTHING!!!  I figure the best time of the day to be doing things is in the morning and in the evening when it is much cooler.  After lunch it is time to find a spot to stay still to avoid "glowing". 

Well after all last night I made this!

Home grown Tomatoes, Basil, and Garlic with store bought onions.  All I do is bring it to the boil and then put it into hot jars.  Dam fine in a Spag Bol or anything that requires tomatoes really.  Like tonight we will use a jar for our dinner, and it smells and tastes amazing!!

My working week is done and dusted, well the  paid work that is.  I am going to work three days a week until the back log off work has cleared then I  can slip back to just the two days.  I think I can handle that!!

Well maybe not a crown but the words
"Root Canal"
were uttered!
I don't think so love!!


Angels have Red Hair said...

Now you have some bargain paints … the question must be asked … what are you going to paint???

Connie said...

If you were my air hostess I would be thrilled!!!

Vix said...

The chutney looks wonderful and so do you! I love my dentist, too. Mind you we only pay £35 for a filling! x

Sandra said...

I love your petticoats! gorgeous woman! $200 for a filling is a shocker though but it's sorted phew, root canal are possibly the 2 worst words known to man, grim stuff unlike your yum sauce, looks delicious! I hope you got a nice spot, 'glowing' is a bugger and something I do very well haha! x x x

pastcaring said...

I get lost ALL the time, dreadful sense of direction! I have to do a route over and over and over again to cement it into my pea brain.
Loving the blue petticoat, and that tomato sauce looks delicious. Root canal work... not so delicious! xxx

Helga! said...

Ugh, root canals sound terrifying....the dentist is NOT my friend!!!
Mmmm, your concoction looks delicious!!!
I am sort of ok at getting around; I just point myself in the direction I want to go and get there eventually! Bering lost can be kind of fun!