Monday, 10 February 2014

My little Pirate is having a special birthday soon

Where did all the years go?
My eldest son is turning 21 next month!

 Going through a gazillion old photo albums I wonder where my darling little boy has gone to.

 When did he grow into a nose picking,
toasted sandwich making,
beer drinking,

One minute I am caring for this beautiful little baby,
now I get to occasionally wrap my arms around
this gorgeous young man!

So I am in the throws of planning his birthday party.  Starting with old photos, and my god did I get some laughs and a lot of good memories from them all.  He needs to lock in a date for us and give us a rough idea on how many are coming as we are going to have it at home in "THE GARDEN".  I have a month.

Speaking of my garden, this trifecta of sparrows were weighing up their options on the bird bath facilities this morning.

This little dude was bottoms up and into it!!

I am quite sure my son will do both of these.

I hope I have done a good job!!


Angels have Red Hair said...

I'm certain you've done a stellar job!!
He looks a lot like his Mum … except for the nose picking part of course ;0)

Vix said...

He's the dead spit of you, isn't he? xxx

pastcaring said...

He does look like you, doesn't he, and not so different from his baby photo, you can tell that wee one is him! I bet you've done a fabulous job with him; hope I can say the same when my boy has grown up... xxxx

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Ooh partay!!! Wot frock to wear?? ;) He hasn't changed a bit really has he :D

Sandra said...

Oh, he is like you! and he hasn't changed, he's such a handsome young man! it does goes in a flash though! 21! and yes, I bet you have done a flaming good job! good luck with the party, a month? you'll do it! x x x

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

Awww yes you've done a stellar job! Happy birthday to your son! =)