Sunday, 9 February 2014

The weekend is all but over.

But now that I have Mondays not working it will be like double study on Monday morning when I was at High School.  What doesn't get done on the weekend by rights can now happen on Monday!!  Yeah I will get back to you on that one!

So the bird feeder I got yesterday I hung in one of my big trees, then I remembered another wooden one I had so that got hung on the fence this morning.  Filled with wild seed I live in hope of my feathered friends discovering them both.

Also yesterday afternoon TOF and I (well mainly TOF) constructed a gazebo I had stashed to go in his vege garden.  It sits over his tomatoes and other things that are getting nibbled on by birds and butterflies, so with some netting draped over it this hopefully will solve this problem.  Oh the hammer was my dads, his old Eswing.

I am picking blackberries every day at the moment as they seem to be ripening every time I turn my back!!  So it is a pick and freeze gig with the berries.  We are enjoying the taste of our own tomatoes at the moment, much better than supermarket ones, so much flavour and juicy.

 And Tex continued to sleep!! 
(take it easy old boy!!)

This morning I awoke to SUNSHINE!!!!  TOF had gone into work for the day and the son was still out from the night before.  BLISS!!  So I went back to bed, I broke my routine and rules and after feeding the fluffies, I hit the hay. Finally got up at 8:30am!!!  Breakfast outside was lovely, soaking up the morning sun and the sounds of a summer morning.

Oscar made good use all day of the Turtle bowl.
It has been a hottie here in the Tron!!

I went to a friends garage sale and found another fabulous plant stand. 

Then I got comfortable outside on my garden swing with a few essentials.
(Unfortunately I was so comfortable that I fell asleep! )
I opened the gate to the chicken coup and some of the girls ventured out.
(Some stayed nesting.)

Ages ago some friends of ours pulled down some fences and were going to dump them, but I put my hand high up in the air and they ended up at our place. I have put them where I want them to go now so TOF has a wee chore of securing them into place for me.  I think my hedge will stand a better chance of growing into a real hedge with the protection of a fence. The corner one is to stop Oscar making his way into the chicken area.

Heat clouds have gathered, so I have bought in all my washing and retreated indoors to the coolness of the lounge.  

Thank you mother nature for a fabulous day but you can leak a bit of rain this evening if you desire!!



Angels have Red Hair said...

Sleep ins, sunshine and men doing jobs … sounds like the perfect weekend to me ;0)

Connie said...

What a life.....ahhhhhh.....

Vix said...

What an idyllic day! x

Helga! said...

Falling asleep in a garden swing sounds pretty damned perfect to me! Especially if Tex happened to come and keep me company!
It's all too gloriarse, and I'm so pleased you had some sunshine! We had some on Thursday, and patches throughout the weekend......!!!
Love the new plantstand! XXX

Sandra said...

Blissful day! I have been Tex like and asleep a lot today, does you good sometimes! x x x