Monday, 17 February 2014

Who knew there was a two seater couch in that room

Well hello all, hope your weekend was a good one.  Mine was productive to say the least!!  I did get into the unspare room and it is now starting to look like the sewing room it was intended to look like.  But before I share the photos on that lets talk Saturday.  Jak is back playing cricket now that he is no longer in a cast.  He hung up his bat for a season (year) and had his first couple of games on Saturday. Two twenty twenty games.

The second game was a final for some competition, I have no idea what one but hey I went to watch!  This one was held at our Cities Cricket Ground, Seddon Park and me and TOF sat in the members stand with the other dozen supporters.  Yes it was a huge game and pulled an outstanding vocal crowd!  Jak was the last batter to go in and there was only one ball left to face.  Look at me talking cricket like I know what was going on.  Basically the other dude hit the ball and they had to run resulting in Jak getting a DUCK!!  Which means no runs for Jak. No biggy as it was the very last ball but he got his name on the big screen and of course I got a photo of that duck, because I am that kind of supportive mother.

Then it was time to bowl and he was the third bowler to do his thing.  Apparently he is a left hand pace bowler, woohoo I think. He didn't do to bad for only two training sessions and then into it.  Oh they came second, they lost.

Seddon is a lovely ground and I think I could do another game if I can sit in the grand stand or maybe one of those corporate boxes.  I am glad he has got his cricket mojo back because he was pretty good at the game and was quite passionate about it.  I also would not mind in the least if he was so good that he got to play in the IPL in India, $$$$$!!!!!

So that was Saturday taken care of.

Yesterday, Sunday, TOF had to go to Auckland for work so he left quite early.  I set off outside to feed the girls and then picked a pile of Blackberries and some tomatoes.  I could because he wasn't home, and because I am such a rebel I even watered the garden last night!!  I know!!

 Most men will tell you that more than a handful is a waste so lucky this fits into my hand!!

I won the tomato growing competition because mine ripened first but TOF can take out size and weight, this one was just over 400g. A perfect example of another  male thing about size being what counts!! 

There was 500g of Blackberries and that was just a mornings picking.  I have more than enough for Jam now, maybe today I will do that, after my other chores.  TOF requested a sultana cake, hmmmmm maybe.

Oscar got a long overdue "Poof and a Pamper", a haircut, bath, and nails clipped.  So glad I can do all of this as it does save me a bundle.  There really was a small dog under all that fluff!!

 And look, I have a two seater couch!!!

I spent a big part of the day moving crap treasure out of my sewing room, making it all lovely and useable again.  I still have more to do but at least it is a workable area. 

 Where did all the crap treasure end up you ask??


The plan is to sort my way through all of this and work out what stays, what gets donated and what gets on sold. By putting it in the garage it makes me do it as I don't like leaving my car outside over night.

So that is what I am doing today,
what are you up to??


Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

We're off to Tauranga! Will we need to have another grand opening?

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

We're off to Tauranga! Will we need to have another grand opening?

Helga! said...

Bloody hell, what a whopper of a tomato!
You've been most productive, my darling, and you make me feel positively guilty!!! I am soooooo lazy......
Yay for the weather picking up for the weekend! It was divoon down here too! XXX

pastcaring said...

You have indeed been busy, well done you! That tomato is HUGE, and I am looking enviously at all those blackberries. Your sewing room looks really cosy, but that's a lot of stuff you have to sort through now!
Been a bit of a lazy weekend here but all good. xxxx

Vix said...

Wow, that tomato is incredible. I'm missing my home grown ones at the mo, there's nothing quite like them! Your sewing room looks great now, what a chore. Oscar is teeny! xxx

Sandra said...

I'ts a massive tomato! Zak must be delighted to be out of the cast, the Mr loves cricket, I haven't a clue but it still looks a great day out - your sewing room looks fab, we did a clear out of 2 of the girls rooms, I swear I have never seen so much crap! I'm meant to be painting the youngest's room too this week, bugger! I hate decorating! x x x