Friday, 28 February 2014

Why you really should get up early

Because you get to see gorgeous things 
like this.

Good on you Mother Nature for putting on such a beautiful colourful show early this morning.

So much for the red sky at morning is a shepherds warning, the day was another good one.  Definitely cooler and apparently summer is about to pack her bags and head north leaving us with Autumn.  My favourite seasons are the in between ones. Autumn provides a spectacular colour show with all the leaves changing colour before falling to the ground leaving trees naked for winter. Like wise does Spring with all the new spring flowers popping their delicate heads out of sleepy winter soil to make us smile.  The temperatures are pleasant also.

I bought this dress when I had my four day getaway at Whangamata earlier in the year.  Last night I reshaped the neck and armholes, so now it is perfect to wear and oh so comfortable!!  Another any season of the year article of clothing, that will get plenty of wear.

I spent the morning out and about with my eldest son.  We took some things to the next flat he is moving into soon where we played with beautiful Brown.

Brown is the most gorgeous Big Brown Dog I know and he loved sitting in the back of my car with me.

Seriously considered taking him home!
(joking Karl)

He loves nothing more than having his belly rubbed!!

On my to do list today was register TOFs little car, not a cheap thing to do but a necessary thing.  While out amongst the shops we discovered this shop that sold T Shirts and Band posters, all reasonably priced.  I found some other things to float my boat, tickle my fancy.....ok, things I just plain liked!!

Two gorgeous colourful bracelets, and these skull iron on decals.  They should pimp up some item of clothing quite nicely, maybe a cropped cardy? Cool selection of them so I am surprised I managed to only buy three!

The weekend is about to hit the starting blocks any minute.  I have peaches to bottle that TOF picked last night, more Tomatoes to do things with, and the very last of my sort out to do.  My car needs to move back into the garage, so this is the final push to get sorted.  Apart from that I have a couple of good friends to catch up with and plenty of chilling out to get on with.

Enjoy your weekend!!!


Angels have Red Hair said...

Sounds like you have a busy weekend planned … I'm aiming to do as little as possible … just for a change ;0)

Vix said...

Love the refashioned dress, that big brown dog and that glorious sky. Those skull patches are very cool, I'm amazed at your restraint at just buying 3.
Have a fab weekend. xxx

Peaches McGinty said...

That's a beautiful sky! I do like the Autumn too, and your frock! you have an awesome collection of frocks - Brown looks like he's smiling! he's gorgeous! have a great weekend! lot's of good company and lot's of chill time too x x x

Curtise said...

Oh what a beautiful sky! And a gorgeous frock to go with it, and an adorable Big Brown Dog, perfect!
Hope you get all your chores done this weekend and find time for a little rest and relaxation too. xxxx