Thursday, 27 February 2014

Sista from the same mista came to town

My lovely sister Helen (my best friend too) came over from the beach this afternoon for a quick visit. We only had a small window of opportunity as I was working today and didn't finish until after one. I had picked up a pushchair she had bought off trade me so she needed to collect it.  I had been adding bags of treasure next to it in my garage so she has gone home with her back seats folded down and her little car loaded up.  Such fun!!

Only time for a dodgy selfie as she wanted to be on the road and out of town before all the end of day traffic starts to build up.  She works in an awesome shop at Whangamata called 'Glamour' and there is one at Raglan, Tirau, and Ohakune, all in the north island.  The shop sells fabulous things sourced from Nepal as her boss is a Nepalese man.  I always seem to spend money when I go out to the Raglan shop!!

Lucky 'ol me was given a bag of goodies that she has been picking up from her local op shops and putting aside for me.  It is great when someone knows your taste and sizing.

Gorgeous sheets to sew with, fabulous floral dress (I looooove!!!) Briarwood jelly jandals with massive blingage, piece of beautiful fabric, Black with white spot swing jacket (photo blurry as I was totally excited) and lime green linen frock (which according to my sister looks better on).

I feel quite spoiled!!

It is the best feeling have someone you are related to that you totally get on with and like.  

I have always thought if we were not related I would have picked her for a friend.  

She would have made it to my list!!!


Connie said...

Oh sisters! Mine surprised me by flying in for my birthday. It was a big surprise and we laughed so hard I developed a whole new set of laff lines. You sister is a doll like you and hey check out those flip flops. Wowza!

Wendy Rayner said...

Thats so lovely sue,

Vix said...

You are twins! How lovely to share a like of ethnic clothing and second-hand stuff! x

Sandra said...

You two are the double of each other! you gorgeous women! great gifts too, I can't wait to see them on you - I have no sisters, I think that's why I got 3 daughters! I tell them all the time they are each others best friends forever x x x

Helga! said...

Aw, how bloody lovely! You're obviously related, in more ways than one!!!
Love that bit of fabric, looks like barkcloth?? What a sweetie pair you are, spoiling each other! I feel all squishy now!

Angels have Red Hair said...

Oh goodness me ... so alike the two of you.

Beth Waltz said...

Pair that chic swing jacket over a simple black top and skirt; add a bit of bling or a posy topper to spotlight those spectacular sandals, et voila! you're ready for a Big Night Out... Lucky you to have a sister who shops with you on her list!