Monday, 24 March 2014

A beautiful day with a very sad ending

I love Monday.

Whatever I don't get done over the weekend gets done on Monday.  Today that was shite load of washing in the morning.  We a still lucky enough to be having beautiful weather so when I headed out today my line was full of colourful washing swaying in the gentle breeze.

I shared the Nelson Mandela art in a post ages ago and today I noticed that the artist that did it, Brusy, has added to it.  Martin Luther King?  Isn't it just fabulous.  I wonder who he will paint next on this wall.  It you live in Hamilton this wall is in Norton Road.  I was on my way to visit a friend but had to stop to capture this photo worthy art.

My lovely friend had an operation a week ago and is recovering well, so it was nice to have a cuppa and a catch up with her.  She gave me the gorgeous wooden picture.  So sweet and so unexpected.  The yummo frock on the right was in my letterbox when I got home.  Purchased off trade me and the trader offered to deliver it to me, now that is service!

When I got home Jak was already here and looking very sad.  One of the young blokes he works with (the older brother of one of Jaks very good friends) went out in his car to buy himself some lunch today and didn't make it back.  He got hit in his car by a truck and didn't make it. This just happened down the road, so close. Work closed up and they all went home early.  Such tragic news, he was only 23 and well liked.  Jaks friend, the younger brother is overseas on his OE so it is all quite miserable.  My heart breaks seeing how sad my own son is, and there is nothing I can say or do to make this better for him. This is one of those life lessons I guess, and it just shows how precious life is and how easy it can be taken from you.  I feel for the family and their loss.  Tough days ahead.

Thank you Tex for lightening the mood around here with your antics in a huge cardboard box.


Wendy Rayner said...

So sad sue,brings a lump to your throat X

Sandra said...

What a tragedy, oh my goodness, how devastating for everyone, so sad x x x

Beth Waltz said...

Flashing back to my own youth, when a car packed with young classmates was struck by a train... It smashed our teens' world view of personal indestructability and limitless future. The great group wail of "It isn't fair!" went up, of course. Our parents and teachers gave us hugs and told us to get on with life, while we could. Ghastly tragedy, my condolences to all who are touched by this.

Vix said...

Love that dress and cat-in-a-box.
Very sad about your boys' friend's brother. xxx

Helga! said...

O, hell, that's just gut wrenching, darling. How very tenuous our place on the planet is.
The artwork is just gorgeous, and somewhat uplifting. XXX

Angels have Red Hair said...

That's terribly sad. The death of anyone is horrible ... but when they are so young and it is so sudden ... It's just a dreadful shock for everyone.
Take care

pastcaring said...

What a shocking thing to happen, all his family and friends must be devastated.
Yes, certainly makes you want to hug your loved ones close, including the furry creatures. xxxx

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