Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Something old, something new, nothing borrowed and you can call me Sue

But you already know that!!

Our weather at the moment keeps arriving in the form of 'a beautiful day' every morning and it is so lovely.  I mean to say we are nearly at the end of March and it is still warm enough to be wearing your summer duds!  I am not sure how I will cope with Winter, but it will be fun dragging all my winter bits out of storage.  It is like getting new clothes all over again for me.

Yesterday I wore this gorgeous new to me dress that is second hand of course.  It is utterly gorgeous and so lovely to wear, also very colourful.

I wore it over a hot pink slip dress.
So I am not
trying to flash my
at you,
I am showing off
the slip dress!

Note I have hung the terracotta bird feeder up in the tree, not that any birds have paid it a visit yet.  The garden is going all shades of brown at the moment.  Leaves are trying to die off and fall and the lawn is still brown from being fried over summer.  I do like the colours of Autumn, and it could be time for TOF and I to go for a walk at the Arboretum soon.  Well it has been a year at least!!

So it would seem I am rolling in money!!!
I wish!

No I successfully sold my eldest lads motor scooter on trade me.  It doesn't go, which I stated in my auction but the peeps were still fighting over it.  Managed to get $445 so the money is going into an account for him to use on getting his restricted drivers license and car related stuff like insurance when he is able to purchase a car.

But I seriously could have some fun with all that money!!

So today I wore
an old favourite!!
Nothing borrowed as I don't do

Before I go:
Thank you for all your lovely comments regarding my last post.  My Jak is doing well and off tonight to see the family as his friend arrived home from overseas early this morning.  He is a bit concerned as they are bringing the body home today to be at the farm house.  This is a huge life experience for him at the tender age of 18.  You are not supposed to bury the young and experience loosing friends when you are Jaks age.  I am so proud of how he is dealing with this sad situation, I guess it can only make him stronger. I am also glad he is able to openly grieve and talk to me.

Again, thanks.


Connie said...

Hey! That's the dress! The one that came in the mail. Very very very cute!! You are THE ONE for beautiful flowy dresses! I don't know how I missed your last post. I am so sorry about your son's friend. It is hard enough for any of us to process these kinds of things and most especially if you're young and it's someone near to your own age. Gosh....

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Poor Jak, and the family too. It's bloody hard saying goodbye to someone, but if any good comes of it, it makes us think that life is to be lived to the hilt. Noice dress luv. ♥ Are we still on for Friday?

Vix said...

Lovely dress, it looks even better on.
Yes, dealing with death is incredibly hard but, like you wisely said, it only makes you stronger. x

pastcaring said...

That is a fab frock! Oh go on, I bet you were trying to flash your knickers at us really, which of course is fine!
It sounds as though you still have the most lovely warm weather; ours doesn't know what it's doing, sunshine one minute, rain and hail the next, I was in a faux fur again yesterday...
Grief and loss are really, really hard at any age, but I guess you just don't expect to be dealing with it when you are Jak's age. I hope he and his mates will all help each other. xxxx

peaches mcginty said...

My kids have got more money than me, I could do some fancy stuff with it, pah! your frocks are gorgeous and with cheeky pink slips, it's great you have still got gorgeous weather!
Poor Jak, it's bloody hard dealing with grief but it's so good to talk, he's got an amazing Mum to lean on x x x

Angels have Red Hair said...

I'm sure he'll never notice if you slip a couple of those notes in your pocket.
It must be so hard for the boys … at that age they think they're invincible … which makes the realisation that they're not all the more shocking. Lucky he has you to talk to.

Helga! said...

Bring out the knickers!
The frock is just gorgeous! Love the colours, and the pink underneath just gives extra pop!
We don't dare do a bird feeder, our Peeps just sees such things as a snack bar.
I'm so happy that you have such a good relationship with Jak that he can really lean on you right now. Life is a bitch at times, and this is a harsh lesson in the darker side.
YOU ROCK,baby!